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Racer 450 Past Articles 2004-2010

Kawasaki’s Josh Creamer:.
Kawasaki Racing interview with one of the nation’s best young riders, Josh Creamer. Josh won our Racer 450 sponsored event back in 2006.
Pro Rider Dana Creech:.
Racer 450 spends the last minutes of Red Bud with Dana Creech, here what Dana has going on this year.
Pro Rider Jason Dunkelberger:.
Jason gives R450 the inside scoop on his season when we visited him in Macon, GA.
R450 Pit stop with John Natalie:.
John Natalie is a man on the move this year. He started off winning the Stadium Series and now he’s on top of the National Series. Check out what John has to say.
Pro Rider - Jeremiah Jones:.
The big news coming into the 2005 year was Jeremiah’s switch to Team Suzuki. Everyone has any eye on Jeremiah right now expecting huge things from both him and his new team. See what he said right after the news got out.
Pro Rider - Tim Farr:.
Factory Honda Baldwin Motorsports rider Tim Farr on the cover this month. R450 caught up with Tim after the motocross season at Paducah, Kentucky for a quick interview about the season and what to look for this year. The new season starts in only a few days, check out what Tim had to say.
Pro Rider - Keith Little:.
Keith battled it out in motocross gaining an 8th overall, Keith battled it out with Tim for a 1st overall in the TT in one of the closest title fights in ATVA history. Keith talks about his MX season and his predictions for the TT.
Pro Rider - Shane Hitt:.
You’ve been waiting for this one and we’re expecting some of the highest visitor numbers ever. Shane Hitt, the man, the myth – the almost heeled tough guy. Already a legend and one of the best riders of all time.
Pro Am Rider - Chad Lohr:.
Meet one of the sport’s most underestimated riders. We hope to see Chad at the front this year and getting the media coverage he deserves. We’ll bet this isn’t the last time you see him here this year.
Hell's Rath - an interview with Daryl Rath:.
Possibly TT’s greatest recognized name, Racer 450 interviews Daryl Rath at Paducah, KY. It only takes one glance to realize that the orange blur speeding your way is the man himself.
Joe & Heather Byrd – The Winning Pair:.
When Racer 450 met up with Joe and Heather at Loretta Lynn’s a few months back they were having an amazing weekend, Heather had just won the Women’s A championship and Joe had just become one of the few racers to win a pro motocross this year.
Doug Gust - The Man:.
Racer 450 caught up with Doug for our second go round just after he was awarded the 04 MX Championship Trophy. Check out Doug’s latest story and see what he had to say about the season and his plans for 05’.
Angela Moore – Girl Gone Wild:.
Angela Moore is truly a fine example of why we go out to the races. Angela gave us the wildest interview we’ve ever done. So wild, we even had to censor it. We enjoyed it, so we hope you do to.
Dustin Wimmer – Rookie of the Year:.
Dustin came into his first year fighting hard and charging to the front beating some of the biggest names in the sport on several occasions. He earned several podiums and we’re sure he’ll be at the top of his game in the next few years. Check out Dustin’s first Racer 450 interview.
Jason Luburgh - The Trouble Maker:.
Don’t ask us how we did it but we got an interview with the biggest trouble maker in the sport. Just kidding. Jason is a great guy and we hear he rides well too. This interview has been a long time coming but we finally caught up with Jason in London. Check it out.
Ricky Tordoff - Making a Name:.
This year’s national series was lucky enough to see competition from Ricky Tordoff, one of England’s top riders. We met Ricky for the first time in Red Bud, his first weekend on a YFZ450. Now you get to meet him here.

Tracy Solomon – East Coast Vengeance:.
We met up with Tracy at Casey for an interview, Tracy’s year was cut short due to an early injury but we think she’ll be back with a vengeance next year. Check the scoop on Tracy.
Tavis Cain - Pro Rider of the month:.
Everyone involved with ATV Racing has knows the name Tavis Cain and Duncan Racing. Put them together and what do you get? The Racer 450 July Feature Pro Interview and a lot of racing action. Check out the full scoop.

Cindy Hart - More than just Doug's Girlfriend:.
Ever wonder about the #88 Suzuki at the front of the Women’s B class? Ever wonder who the rider was and why you haven’t read about her? So did we, her name is Cindy and she’s here to stay – check out her July feature article.
Tim Farr - Pro Rider of the month:.
The man everyone’s been waiting for. How do we know? Because Tim was voted as pro rider of the month by reader’s poll. Get the skinny on Tim Farr and his new Honda ride this year.

Jamie Rentz - Making a Statement:.
This month’s up and coming rider has set a lot of records for being 1st, including being the first female interview with Racer 450. She’s definitely making a statement. Why? Because she can. Don’t miss out on Jamie’s feature story.
Doug Gust – Rise of the Machine:.
This year Doug Gust has started an outbreak of “Yellow Fever”. Doug has certainly earned his paycheck so far this season; he has taken Team Suzuki to the top and has given thousands of Z400 owners new bragging rights.

Cale Downen - Headed to the Front:.
Cale Downen gets the first in a series of amateur interviews. Why? Because he’s kicking butt and taking names this year. We expect Cale to go Pro in the near future and you can say you saw him here first.
The man who made 13 a lucky number:.
John Natalie is a man on a mission, he’s determined to be at the top and he is getting there quickly. You better watch what you say or John may come and do a heel clicker over your house.

The Lonestar State isn’t Texas anymore:.
Lonestar Racing’s Keith Little is one of the most promising Pro Riders in the ATVA GNC this year. With a “little” luck Keith may be standing on the podium by the time you read this. Racer 450 spent a few minutes getting the scoop on Keith at Gatorback.

Unadilla Race Photo Gallery & Report:.
Racer 450 Photos from one of ATVs greatest tracks in history, Unadilla. Stay tuned for a complete report from Ned.
ATVA Rnd 7 Red Bud Race Report:.
The ATVA circus rolled into Michigan and Racer 450 was there to capture the epic battle between Doug Gust and John Natalie.
ATVA Rnd 4 Echeconnee Race Report:.
The ATVA MX Nationals rolled into Echeconnee, check out one of the finest ATV races of the year. See John Natalie take it one step further.
ATVA Rnd 3 Gatorback Race Report:.
Racer 450 visits Gatorback for the ATVA MX Nationals Round 3. Watch as everyone’s bets go out the window as John Natalie turns up the heat.
Race Report from Rnd 2 in Texas:.
The ATVA made a few changes coming in to 2005, The addition of Lake Whitney was one of the largest. See what went down at Round 2, you might be in for a few surprises.
Race Report: MX Round 1, Glen Helen:.
This year over 400 entries ran their race in the rain and then set on the San Bernardino hillsides to watch Tim Farr blaze to Honda's first 1-1 450r Production victory.
Pro Quads Round 4 in St. Louis:.
The Pro Quad Series ripped across the nation this winter, at least in 4 places, and R450 caught up with the show at the last round back home in St. Louis, MO.
Race Report - Paducah TT National:.
This year a much still alive TT season once again passed through Paducah, KY. All the stars were there, including someone everyone thought was down for the count. In a way, Paducah became the most exciting race of the year. Get the scoop and check out the photos.
Dirt Days
Red Bud
Budd's Creek
Gatorback MX 2004.
Glen Helen MX 2004

Unadilla Track Report:.
Racer 450 gives you the inside scoop on one of the greatest tracks we have ever visited, Unadilla.
ATVA Rnd 7 Red Bud Track Report:.
Get the scoop on Red Bud’s changes for the 2005 ATV race weekend.
ATVA Rnd 3 Gatorback Track Report:.
Gatorback has made small changes in order to upgrade their track for the ATVA Nationals, get the scoop.
ATVA Rnd 4 Echeconnee Track Report:.
The ATVA MX Nationals rolled into Echeconnee, check out one of the best ATV tracks in the business.
Track Report from Rnd 2 in Texas:.
This year marked the ATVA’s first visit to Lake Whitney MX Park. Those who weren’t able to make the journey south, get the lowdown on what made up the track.
Track Report: MX Round 1, Glen Helen:.
The Marathon Man returns to Glen Helen again this year and follows up the rave report with a look at the awesome track this year.
Track Report: Round 12 @ Dirt Days:.
Get the scoop on the track from start to finish at Round 12 Dirt Days at Loretta Lynn’s 2004. Find out where Doug and Joe Battled for the victory.
London Track Report:.
Get the lowdown on London from the Marathon Man. Check out the turns and jumps that helped Doug take the championship.
Red Bud Track Report:.
The Marathon Man returns at Red Bud, get the track layout and see what wasn’t on Television.
The marathon man continues at Gatorback:.
Assisting Editor Ryan Webb made a jog around Gatorback and even helped push a broken quad back to the pits. Man it gets hot Florida…
Get a track run down by Glen Helen’s marathon man.
Assisting Editor Ryan Webb runs the track and climbs the big hills for the fans. See what the view looks like from the top and why it’s worth the trip.

Mark Baldwin:.
One of the world’s most known mechanics finally graces the pages of Racer 450. The legendary Mark Baldwin talks about Honda’s, racing and behind the scenes of the sport.
Bruce Stjernstrom:.
Kawasaki’s Marketing Director Bruce Stjernstrom talks about the relationship with Monster Energy.
Nate Walsh:.
Nate Walsh visits Racer 450 for the first time this month. Get his ideas on the sport and find out information on the new Walsh RC shop.
Team Suzuki’s Paul Turner:.
ATV mechanic and crazy man lets us in on some history of how he got started and where he ended up.
American History Lesson with Gary Denton:.
R450 caught up with Gary Denton, possibly the sport’s most recognized name and champion this year at Glen Helen. We spoke with Gary about the current state of ATV racing, his company Denton Racing and Weekend Warrior Trailers.
Moto Tee’s Ray Christie:.
Ray is one of the main guys making things happen out at the Nationals, on top of that, he makes the shirts! Check out Ray’s story.
Team Suzuki’s Rod Lopusnak:.
The face of Suzuki at the Nationals, Rod was one of the key people behind putting together team Suzuki and new expansions like Jeremiah. See what Rod has to say about 05’.
Wayne Hinson – An Interview with History:.
There’s a name that everybody knows. If you race, you probably use his clutch components. Did you also know he’s the head of Team Suzuki and tells Doug Gust what to do? Check out Wayne’s interview from Red Bud.
Wayne Mooradian - Shock Factor:.
Wayne is the suspension man from hell, he sells more shocks than “PEP Boys” and more racers have turned to him than anyone else in the shock business. Wayne talks about the evolution of ATV racing suspension and throws some humor in the mix.
Mark Straubinger - The voice of Motocross:.:.
Mark is the outspoken voice you hear through the PA and from your stereo trackside. He’s the man with the wireless Shure microphone that calls the action as it happens way up in the announcers booth. We checked in with Mark in London and find out a lot, including were the name “Banger” came from.
Not your average Joe:.
We spend an afternoon with one of the nation's most prominent and respected engine builders you probably haven’t heard about. Joe Wolters talks about building, racing and everything ATV.

World of Ned: Hummer vs. America:.
Ned is at it again, The land of the free stands off against the most American vehicle we have and Ned is totally pissed about it.
Ned Speaks Out:.
You can’t count on anyone else in this sport to do it, let Ned take over!
My Realization: by Ned:.
After a long, hard and life challenging look at the sport Ned comes up with the questions (not answers) to the sport’s problems!
Who’s in first, Position Confusion: by Ned:.
Guess what, Ned has another opinion this month. We’re destined to get some email over this one. Better read this one to get prepared for next month’s article. WOW!!!
So you want to win a race? By Ned:.
Back for his second installment and sure to raise some hell. Here to inform us all about the PY Factor is Ned.
So you want to be a Salesman - by: NED.:.
The new guy at Racer 450 starts off with his first column “Salesman” and will probably alienate half the industry. Can’t wait to see were he goes from here.

R450 Moto School:.
We're trying out a new article this month called "Moto School". Be sure and let us know what you think.
Racer 450 Article: How to start racing.
Racer 450 gives a simple how-to lesson on how to start racing your ATV. You’ve got to start somewhere, why not do it right.

Thumbnailed March, 2010:.
Random pics snapped out on the road from shows, races and just whatever.
Thumbnailed from the closet:.
That’s right, we keep running into images around the HQ that didn’t make it into thumbnailed for one reason or another and we stuck them into one four page edition, the largest thumbnailed ever.
ThumbNailed – July, 2005:.
Rejoice All – Thumbnailed section is back, alright already…
Thumbnailed March 2005:.
See who gets nailed this month, you might be next.

Thumbnailed November:.
See who gets nailed this month, you might be next.
Nailed Again:.
Back again by popular request, everyone gets nailed at some point.
Nailed Again:.
Back again by popular request, everyone gets nailed at some point.
Nailed Again:.
Back again by popular request, everyone gets nailed at some point.
Nailed Again:.
Back again by popular request, everyone gets nailed at some point.
Nailed Again:.
Back again by popular request, everyone gets nailed at some point.

Polaris News March, 2010:.
Polaris Defense, a division of Polaris Industries Inc. announced the company was awarded a new contract with the General Services Administration
Suzuki News March, 2010:.
American Suzuki Motor Corp. rolled out to Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Fla., with a fleet of amazing machines and top-notch talent to do some racing. With epic battles and undeniable performance, Suzuki definitely made its mark on Bike Week.
Can-Am News March, 2010:.
Valcourt, Québec, February 1, 2010 – In 2010, BRP’s Can-Am ATV racers will be out in force competing on race tracks across North America.
Inside Report: 450 Market in a Nutshell:.
Racer 450 gives you an inside look at what’s going on in the 450cc market.
Dirt Scoop: Suzuki QuadRacer R450 Wins FIM Cross Country World Championship:.
The Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450 picked up a huge championship in the 17th running of the UAE Desert Challenge. Read More…
Dirt Scoop: Monster Energy Kawasaki Gears Up For 2008:.
The Monster Energy Kawasaki ATV Racing Team is expanding for 2008 season after completing its first year aboard the Kawasaki KFX®450R, get the scoop.
Project 450R Updates:.
If you’ve been following our latest test bike / buildup, you know things are starting to look good. See the latest updates for July.
Outside the Box:.
When being cool is a must, it is best to think outside the box. Find out what items you need to pick up to be the coolest guy at the races that you cant get from your mail order parts book.
R450 First Look – 2008 Honda TRX 450R:.
Honda has recently released the details on the 2008 TRX 450R and 450ER. Find out the latest details and updates for the new model year.
R450 First Look - 2008 Yamaha YFZ 450:.
Yamaha has recently released the details on the 2008 YFZ 450. Find out the latest details and updates for the new model year.
R450 First Look – 2008 Yamaha Raptor 250:.
Yamaha has just released the details on a brand new machine, the 2008 Raptor 250. Hopefully the new machine will lead the way to high performance 250s to follow. Get the full scoop.
2007 450cc ATV Review:.
Here it is, the 1350cc shootout, we compare the three 450cc contenders from Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. See the strengths and weaknesses for these machines and how it effects you.
2007 Preseason Roundup:.
The who-what-were of the 2007 ATV racing season, find out the dirt on what will be happening this season before the season ever starts.
2007 WPSA ATV Tour:.
This year’s WPSA ATV Tour is set in stone and we can’t say we’re not excited. Here is the full schedule.
2007 WPSA Snow Tour:.
This year’s WPSA Snowmobile Tour is already underway and running on mostly manmade snow right now, catch the best racing action on TV right now.
ATVA 2007 Series Schedule:.
Luckily this year the ATVA has dropped a couple races off the tour, gotten some AMA over management and is hopefully on the way to a new and improved year. Here is the 07 schedule.
New Desktop Downloads:.
That’s right we’ve added several new desktop downloads to the downloads section in both 800 and 1024 screen formats. Many more are on the way, have fun and change your desktop as much as possible.
Racer 450 First Look - 2007 Kawasaki KFX450:.
Kawasaki informally announces the KFX450. Features include a menacing look, aluminum frame and fuel injection. Look for a full test coming soon.
Racer 450 First Look - 2007 Honda TRX450R / 450ER:.
Today Honda announces the 2007 Honda TRX450R and 450ER. Check out the new specs and color options. Look for a full test coming soon.
Suzuki LT-R450 Quad Racer First Test:.
Check out Racer 450’s first test of the new R450 Quad Racer. The R450 crew has pulled out all the stops to give readers an unauthorized look at the new Quad Racer. If you want the real story get it here.
Joe Byrd Quad Riding School:.
Joe Byrd is on fire right now, learn his tricks from the Joe Byrd Quad Riding School.
450R Project Bike Photo Gallery:.
Hundreds of readers have checked out the 450R project in person at races and shows. Now see the final photo gallery of the finished project.
2006 Season at a Glance:.
If you haven't been following the Nationals, Racer 450 gives you the full scoop on the 06' season.
Polaris Outlaw & KTM:.
America’s own ATV company, Polaris, has a lot going on right now. From a new completely independent suspension sport ATV to a new partnership with KTM.
Carpe Diem 2 Photo Shoot:.
Racer 450 visits in on the making of Carpe Diem 2 at the Sturgis Motocross track and does a photo shoot.
2006 Suzuki QuadRacer LT-R450:.
Suzuki opens a can of whoop ass on the 450cc market with their new LT-R450. Get the specs and photographs here. Look for a complete dish out in a future issue.
2006 Yamaha Raptor 700R:.
Yamaha kicks off the new 2006 Raptor 700R, get all the stats and look for a review coming soon.
2006 Yamaha YFZ450:.
Yamaha shows the world how serious it is about building high performance ATVS with the new YFZ450, get the specs here. Look for a test coming soon.
2006 Honda 450R:.
Everyone’s been waiting to see if Honda would stick with the program. Well they did, and they went farther than anyone thought they would. Get the info here. Look for a test in a coming issue.
2005 Honda 450R Long Term:.
We’ve spent the summer making rounds on our 2005 Honda 450R test unit, see how it’s held up and what to look for in your own 450R.
Around the Web – “NHRA” July, 2005:.
Another great place to visit online is the official NHRA web site, they seem to have it together – get the info.
This sport definitely has issues:.
What’s Hot and What’s Not about current ATV happenings.
2005 Honda TRX450R Test:.
Racer 450 tests the 2005 Honda TRX450R, check out the results and photos.
2005 Yamaha YFZ450 Review:.
R450 features our first ATV review aboard a couple new Yamaha YFZ450s. Check out the test and cool photos from the first of many ATV reviews you will be seeing here this summer.
R450 visits West Coast Choppers:.
R450 stopped in at Long Beach to take a look around the world's most famous bike shop.
Around the Web – Monsterstyle.com:.
This month we are introducing a new section that points viewers to a cool web site that might appeal to the ATV racing community. This month’s is monsterstyle.com.
2005 ATV Expo and World's Fair :.
Racer 450 visited the 2005 ATV Industry Expo and Worlds Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. This year’s show featured tons of racing industry products as well great products for yard work. WOW yard work.
2005 MX Pre-Season Roundup:.
There’s a lot changing this year, take a look at what’s going before the word gets out.
Calo’s Douglas Wheel Shoot:.
We recently shot some photos of Cale Downen for Douglas Wheels to use next season and we thought Racer 450 readers might want to check out the highlights.

Racer 450 Production Class Buyer Guide:.
It’s that time of year again. Everyone is looking for a new ATV to build for next season. Check out the Racer 450 Buyer Guide to see what’s new and exciting for 2005! “P.S. – Not much has changed”
Women of Motocross:.
Do it because you can. Racer 450 pays a tribute to the women of ATV motocross.
Production Rules Explained:.
Several people are still asking questions about this year’s production rules, we’ll try to explain.
Championship Off Road Racing:.
Busted: We did an article on the next best thing to ATV Racing, can you forgive us? No, it’s not Motorcycle Racing.
Article: Challenges of the day (Track Report)
Ryan Webb brings to light what the riders at Glen Helen had to go through that you may not have seen from the Grand Stands.
Article: Life in the Pits by Ryan Webb
No matter how it may sound, life in the pits isn’t all that bad.
Article: Cheap Sunglasses.
Don’t forget to bring sunglasses to the track or you might end up with sand in your eyes like this guy.

Titan Engines Tour:.
This month’s feature interview develops into a shop tour of Titan Engine Development, a true grass roots ATV race shop.
Paducah, KY AM Nationals:.
Racer 450’s Ryan Webb visited the Amateur Nationals in Paducah, Kentucky last month and got a few surprises.

Breaker Bar March, 2010 - AC Blackline Nerfbars:.
AC continues to improve the nerfbar that started the entire race peg nerfbar craze.
Breaker Bar March, 2010 - Maxxis Razr Cross Tires:.
Maxxis Razrcross tires are one of the newest and coolest tires for ATV motocross, see what Racer 450 thinks and how they score up.
Breaker Bar: Smith Intake Goggles:.
We’ve always been a fan of Smith Goggles here at R450. We recently traded in our Warps for the new line of Intakes and couldn’t be happier. Check out the review.
Yoshimura RS-7 Exhaust:.
We recently tested Yoshimura’s RS-7 flagship exhaust on our Honda test bike, find out the results in this month’s breaker bar.
Hiper Racing Wheels:.
R450 recently added Hiper’s new non-beadlock front and single beadlock rear carbon fiber racing wheels to our project 450R. Get the full scoop on some of the coolest wheels in the industry.
Quad Tech KFX450 Hoods:.
Ongoing into realm of ATV coolisim, Quad Tech’s latest products for the Kawasaki KFX 450.
Fox Shox Float X EVOL:.
One more time around, R450 gives up the scoop on Fox Racing Shox Float X EVOLs.
Quad Tech Honda 450R Hoods:.
Quad Tech has a new line of hoods out for the legendary Honda 450R, available in plastic and carbon fiber configurations. Check out the coolest hoods on the market.
Gear Bag – ITP C-Series Wheels:.
We are currently experimenting with a couple of build ups and thought one of test quads could use some unique wheels to set it parts, see why we chose ITP C-Series with Holeshot SX tires.
Gear Bag – Blingstar Iron Cross Bumper:.
We chose Blingstar’s Iron Cross Bumper for this months gear bag for one reason and one reason alone. They’re cool. Find out the 411 on Blingstar’s most noticeable front bumper.
Denton Racing Steering Components:.
We recently added Denton Racing’s YFZ steering stem and damper to our GYTR project bike. Check out the results.
Maier 450R Gear Bag:.
This month we include a separate gear bag for maier plastic. They make so many ATV products, why not give them their own pages.
CP Pistons 450R Piston:.
Racer 450 first look at CP Racing Pistons. The newest and coolest pistons out there.
Quadtech 450R Products:.
See the coolest products from the industries leading carbon fiber manufacture. Even more 450R products arriving soon.
Tag T2 Handle Bars:.
Check out Tag’s T2 11/8 inch style handle bars.
Up Dog 450R Graphics:.
Check out the newest review from Up Dog. They have expanded into the graphics business and we updated our 450R project racer with their graphics and number plates.
White Brothers MX4 Exhaust:.
White Brothers is at the top when it comes to 4 stroke exhaust. We tested out their new MX4 pipe on our project 450R. You might be surprised with the results.
Breaker Bar - Rath Racing 450R MX Bumper and Grab Bar:.
Racer 450 will be using Rath’s cool new MX 450R bumper and grab bar aboard our new 450r project quad. Get the down-low before the build up starts.
Breaker Bar - Laeger's Chassis Components:.
Racer’s throughout the world have won countless championships on board Laeger’s race chassis or components, check out the new 450r parts.
Breaker Bar - Scott Ultimate High Voltage Goggles:.
The newest and coolest goggles from one of the world’s most known and trusted names – the Scott Ultimate High Voltage.
Breaker Bar - Elka Suspension:.
Racer 450 shows Elka’s long travel suspension products and billet linkage for the Honda TRX450R.
Quad Tech YFZ450 Carbon Fiber Products:.
More great new carbon fiber products to fit your Yamaha YFZ450 from the leader in ATV carbon fiber, Quad Tech.
Breaker - Alpinestars Tech 10 Boot:.
Breaker - This month Racer 450 gives up the scoop and a little bit of background on the new Alpinestars Tech 10.
Breaker – Smith Warp Ti:.
This month we checked out Smith’s new Warp Titanium Goggles.
Quad Tech Shaft Protection System:.
Quad Tech’s shaft carbon fiber shaft protection system will guard the the shaft and seals on your high dollar shocks.
Hiper Technology Carbon Fiber Wheels:.
Hiper Technology carbon fiber wheels turn our head this month, definitely worth looking into.
Regina 520 Z- Ring Quad Chain:.
Regina makes the world’s most well known chains. Now they make one for your 450 with the 450 champion on the box. Cool.

Breaker Bar: Rath Racing MX Front Bumper:.
We just received the new MX Bumper from Rath Racing. The perfect holiday item for next year’s racing season – check it out!
Breaker Bar: Adapt Graphics Kits for YFZ450:.
Racer 450 recently tested out the new graphics kits from ADAPT. We have one word “SWEET”. Check out the full scoop.
Breaker Bar: Quad Tech Carbon Fiber:.
Quad Tech hooked us up with some cool carbon fiber to try out. If it’s good enough for Doug Gust, Tim Farr, Keith Little and Jason Luburgh it’s good enough for us.

Breaker Bar: M2R Revelation-X Helmet:.
This month we tried out the new Revelation-X from M2R, just like the one Doug Gust wears and the one Travis Pastrana tested out at the X-Games.
Breaker Bar: Fox Float AirShox:.
This month we tried out the new AirShox from Fox. We put them through the wringer time and time again without a problem. Float over to the full review.
Breaker Bar:.
We have a new section this month entitled “Breaker Bar”. This month we review Sidewinder’s new “unbreakable sprockets” and Up Dog’s number plate backgrounds.

2005 Track Builders Gear Bag – July 2005:.
Racer 450 gives a bit of information on the Skid Steer Loaders available in 05’ for all you track builders.
R450 Gear Bag – July, 2005:.
Check out the new products in this month’s Racer 450.
Gear Bag February 2005:.
Check out new stuff from Eddie Sanders Racing, Snap-On, Maier and Shock-SpoR.

November Gear Bag:.
New stuff from Adapt, Ogio, Duncan, and ITP.
Gear Bag:.
Gear Bag September 04'
Gear Bag:.
Gear Bag July 04'
Gear Bag:.
Gear Bag June 04'
Gear Bag:.
Gear Bag May 04'
Gear Bag:.
Gear Bag April 04'
Gear Bag:.
Gear Bag March 04'

10 List

ATV Ten List - March, 2010:.
Random numbers in the sport no one ever thinks about.
ATV Ten List: Top Ten Facts of ATV Racing:.
Racer 450 will be putting out a new top 10 list just for fun, don’t be offended, enjoy.

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