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Life in the Pits: by Ryan Webb

As you walk into Glen Helen you are going to get to see what most of us have only dreamed of. You will get to walk right through the pro-pits and see what really happens behind the scenes. Some people walk right through not noticing all of the little things that happen throughout the day, and some spend most of the day studying what goes on so that they can look like a pro when they go race. There is always something happening so be on your toes or you might just miss it. This is a guide to the pits at Glen Helen. I am going to give you a backdoor view of who was there and where to go.

We are actually going to start at the end and work our way back to the beginning. That being said letís take a look at the stands. Glen Helen has a very large section of bleachers right in front of the finish line. From here the start gate is to your left and the track is ever expanding in front of you. You can see most of the races from the stands. You will see Talladega and Mount St. Helen without any problem, as well as some well developed jumps and berms. However, what you canít see is about half of the track that extends off to the right. There are a few nice jumps that no one will really ever see. The last part of the track before the final straightaway is hidden to most race fans. However, this isnít that big of a deal, because what you can see is highly impressive.

One of the things that you really need to see if you are going to make the trip to a National Motocross Race is vendor row. Vendor row is located directly behind the stands and has just about anything you could want, provided that it is atv oriented. A little piece of advice, donít forget your sunglasses because you wonít find any here but that is another story. Not only will you see parts companies such as Denton and Alba hanging out on vendor row, but you will also see dealer such as Golden West Cycle and Team Bolt On, by the way I love the trailer that they have. At vendor row you might just find the part that youíve wanted to finish building your own race quad.

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