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The True Definition of Big
by Ryan Webb

Welcome to Glen Helen racetrack. This is one of the largest, if not the largest, motocross tracks in the world. Most people, such as myself, would give out and need medical assistance just trying to walk this track, let alone racing on it. This track is located on the edge of the desert outside of San Bernadino. It is just off of Interstate 215 in Cali. This gem of a racetrack is set on the edge of some mountains and has a beautiful view. At times it seems like a combination of many different styles of tracks. Not only do you have your typical jumps, but also, you have some of the largest hills on the pro motocross circuit. There were also a few other hazards out there as the day went on. When you get to the gates you notice a man on a dirt bike made of scrap iron and some spare metal. This is before you even enter the main area. Once inside the layout begins to unfold in front of you. First you come up to an area of pits that would rival that of most NASCAR races. There are trucks and trailers all over the place. Then you get to the track and things start looking up, literally.

Trust me this isnít your rich buddyís backyard track with some neat jumps and some small hills. This track starts out with a starting gate that you could park two of Lonestarís trailers nose to nose in front of. Then youíve got a stretch that most of us could build a fun track on, running to turn one. Turn one is a banked curve that is aptly named Talladega. This turn looks like it was cut from a NASCAR track and stuck in here for good measure. Donít get me wrong this curve isnít hideous or anything like that, but I could have taken the Saturn that we rented around it without any worries of hitting the five atvís beside me. Coming out of that turn is a short straightaway that leads into a curve up a rather large hill. Not to brag or anything, but I was the only one who was taking pictures that was willing to make the long climb to the top. At the top of the hill there was a curve to the right, followed by a drop off. This drop was a sight to see. To let you know how this drop was, the pros came around this curve and let off of the throttle to do the drop. Even with no throttle they were still dropping twenty five to thirty feet off of this hill on the down slope. At the bottom of this hill was a small double that they had to clear. Just to drive the point home on how big this hill really was, if I could manage to keep control going down the hill, I could have done the double at the bottom on a tricycle because of the speed I would have gained.

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