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Challenges of the Day
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Challenges of the Day
by Ryan Webb

During the day there were many things that had to be taken into consideration by the riders and the track officials. Some of them were things that had been planned and some just happened out of the blue. A few of the things that happened no one has any control over and the show had to go on no matter what. This was a pretty good day despite any challenges and the crew handled all problems as best that they could all day long to make things easier on everybody.

One of the challenges of the day that was simple and everybody already knew about was detouring Mount St. Helen. There were certain classes that werenít going to go up this hill and the officials already knew this. They had to be sure that all of the riders knew about the detour and where they were supposed to go. Also, they had to post someone on the track to send the riders the right way during their race. This part happened smoothly and no one went up the mountain that wasnít supposed to. The reason for the detour was to allow a better race for the lower classes and to make a bigger challenge for the pros and pro-ams.

Another major challenge of the day was watering. Guess what guys, on the edge of the desert not much rain falls. This was no exception. The track was pretty dry and the water truck was pretty busy all day. Also they had people stationed around the track with hoses connected to underground water lines. These guys did what they could to wet the track, but the underground line broke about half way through the day. That left it all up to the water truck. The guys in the truck did what they could but they couldíve used the extra help, especially on a day like that. The only problem that I saw that was created by the water truck was a large mud hole where they had gotten a little carried away in wetting the track.

Although this may look hazy, it is just the sand!

The last major challenge of the day was the wind. While standing on top of the hill I could see and feel just what the wind was really like. Not only was the wind strong enough to blow sand all over the place, but it was also strong enough to almost blow me off of the hill. Now imagine racing in on the edge of the desert where they canít water the track as much as they would like due to a water line break, on a day where the wind is blowing probably fifty-five miles per hour. Sounds like fun doesnít it?

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