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Keith Little is one of the great pro riders that are taking part in the National Motocross Circuit. He is the sponsored rider for Lonestar. If you want to talk about riding in style, Keith definitely does that in the huge truck that Lonestar provides for him. Not to mention on the track with his decked out Yamaha YFZ 450. Keith has appeared in many of the Huevos videos and races all over the country. Keith spent last winter in Phoenix, Arizona testing the new Lonestar YFZ 450. After that he went on to compete in the Stadium Series. Then he began the Pro Motocross Circuit which has him at Gatorback for race 2. Racer 450 got a chance to sit down with him after some tough luck at Gatorback.

Inside the Lonestar Trailer.

R450: So Keith, what do you think about the Gatorback track here in Florida?
Keith: Well, I think that the track is awesome, but at times it could have been prepped better. On Friday night someone left the sprinklers on all night, so when we came out to race on Saturday, the track was kinda like a mud bog. Then on Sunday there was hardly any watering going on, so the track was very dry and very dusty. Overall though I think that this is a great track and liked running it.

R450: Well Keith, you had some bad luck in Moto 1 out here today, why donít you tell us what happened?
Keith: I was racing in second place when I came over the uphill double after the drop off and the rod came apart and flew out the bottom of the motor.

R450: That was a tough break in Moto 1, what contributed to your finish in Moto 2?
Keith: I came out in Moto 2 and was running a decent race, but I lost my rear brakes in the second lap. That makes it hard to do well in motocross.

Outside the Lonestar Trailer.

R450: We saw all of the dust out there in Moto 2, was that a factor in your finish also?
Keith: Well, the brakes were the main thing, but the dust didnít help either. After the brakes went out I had to slow down a little and the dust was thick, but the brakes were the main reason that I had to fall back anyway.

R450: Now that we have talked about today, Iím curious how you liked the track at Glen Helen?
Keith: It was a great track, but it was very windy. There was a lot of sand blowing around. The wind was crazy, you had to watch yourself and make sure that you were hitting the jumps right or you might get blown off.

R450: So, how do you like riding for Lonestar?
Keith: I love riding for Lonestar. They provide me with this great rig and they take really good care of me. Anything that I need they get it for me. They make sure that I donít go without. I may not be sponsored by one of the ATV manufacturers, but at times I feel like I actually have a better deal than some of the other guys that are.

Keith getting ready before Moto 2 at Gatorback.

R450: What do you think about the circuit that the ATVA is putting on?
Keith: I like what the ATVA is doing but I think that they could do more to promote the sport and make the circuit better. The ATVA is a branch of the AMA, and the AMA doesnít care much about ATVís. Most of the promoters that they have only do one ATV race per year. Many of them donít know exactly how to prepare a track for ATVís. It is definitely different than preparing a track for bikes. I think that they would be better off if they would pick a single promoter to go to all of the tracks and prep them for ATVís. That would make all of the tracks better prepped and set up better for ATVís.

R450: So, what are you riding?
Keith: I am riding a Lonestar YFZ 450. I have Custom Axis shocks and a Curtis Sparks engine. They all help me quite a bit.

R450: What do you think of the YFZ 450?
Keith: I like the YFZ 450, but it has some problems. I have been having some problems with the rear brakes. They seem to go out more than they should. Also, we have been having problems with the bottom end of the engines. It isnít anything that Curtis Sparks is doing; it is something that is inherent in the new Yamahas.

Keith making some fan's day a little brighter.

R450: What can we expect out of Keith Little this year in the Pro MX circuit?
Keith: My goal before today was to win the circuit, but after today, I have been forced to modify my goals. My new goal for the season is to finish Top 3. I still feel that is an attainable goal.

R450: Keith, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me today and good luck.
Keith: Anytime man, Iíll see you at the next race.

Keith left the trailer behind me and put his gear in the truck. He was then getting ready to drive the big rig back to his hometown in Russetville, Alabama. Keith was definitely looking forward to some better luck at Echeconnee.

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