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Back on Track- at Gatorback
By: Ryan Webb

Round 2 has come and went. Gatorback racetrack was the home of the second round of GNC Motocross action in the small town of Alachua, Florida. This was definitely a complete change in track design from round 1 at Glen Helen. This track was closer to town and a bit easier to find. There were no gravel roads to travel down and no hidden areas on the edge of the desert. This was located just a little off of the main road past a Dollar General Distribution center. This track was laid out with some nice sections and some good jumps. One of the neatest things that most people probably couldnít even see was the nice green pond down at the bottom of the track. You couldnít ask for a better view than over the edge of the cliff to see the pond and the finish jump. Right now Iíll give you a little tour of the track.

As usual, we will begin at the start, the starting line that is. This was a nice layout with the start gate on the top of the hill followed by an immediate sweeping left turn. This start gate wasnít like the concrete padded gate at Glen Helen. This gate was line with the pros setting with their back tires on dirt waiting for that gate to drop and the race to begin. As you come out of the gate, there was that sweeping left turn that did a full 180 degrees to a downhill drop that would fall about twenty feet and then ride down another twenty. The bottom was nice and smooth and led to a small uphill double that was right in the spot where Keith Little threw a rod and ended his Moto 1 race. After you came off of the small double there was a slight left to a step up tabletop. Then you would curve around to the right for another uphill double that would send you flying about fifteen feet in the air. There was a rough straight on top of the hill and then another downhill drop that was about twenty feet. This little drop was a nice setup for the speed that lies ahead.

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