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Championship Off Road Racing:
by Racer 450 Staff

Trucks leaving the staring line motocross style Ė How would you like to try and Holeshot a 4,500lb. 800hp truck on your new 450?

Although it isnít ATV Racing, we think itís cool enough that even the most hardcore ATV racers wouldnít mind us doing a short article about it. By now youíve probably seen it televised on Speed Channel. Aside from ATV racing, we consider Off Road Truck Racing to be the coolest type off four-wheel racing there is. You canít tell us youíve never wanted to Motocross your truck, thatís basically what this is.

The Championship Off Road Racing Series (CORR) has been around about seven years and has probably became the most recognized form of off road truck racing next to the Baja races. Like ATV racing, CORR trucks and Buggies are separated into several different classes according to engine displacement and suspension capabilities. The vehicles leave a starting line in similar fashion to ATV racing headed into a tight first turn. Thereís no shortage of paint swapping. Half the field looses numerous body panels before the first lap is complete.

Trucks often fly up to ninety feet over a motocross style single.

Vehicles race around a short closed motocross style course approximately 1-2 miles in length complete with most of the obstacles apparent in ATV Racing, including tight ninety degree and flat track style turns, huge singles (trucks can fly up to ninety feet in distance) and some tracks even have huge up and down hills. The tracks start out groomed and watered and end up rutted and blue grooved. Much like taking a set of motocross tires around a TT track.

The Pro 4 class, comparable to the Pro class in ATVs, uses four wheel drive half ton trucks with approximately 800 horse power and over eighteen inches of wheel travel. Chassis design is very similar to the new long travel suspension components which have been appearing throughout the ATV circuits the past few years.

CORR also hosts several buggy style classes.

CORR has proven to be a great starting point for several racers looking to be involved with Professional Motor Sports, current NASCAR superstars Brendan Gaughan and Jimmie Johnson began their racing careers here.

If the ATV schedule permits, you should catch a race when in the area. For those of us who canít leave ATV racing for a weekend the Speed Channel broadcasts the entire series with Supercross level coverage, much like we had hoped the new ATV television programs would do.

For more information on Championship Off Road Racing visit their web site, entire series race and broadcast schedules are available there.

All pictures used are property of Championship Off Road Racing and can be found at www.corracing.com

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