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It seems like everyone involved in ATV Racing waits the entire year to see what happens at Echeconnee. Echeconnee always gets the best hype and probably gains the most press exposure of any of the tracks on the Nationals Tour. Many of you have probably seen short clips of Echeconnee appearing in the Huevos videos. This year Echeconnee was Round 3 on the schedule and weather wise, the weekend was perfect.

After two rounds of Racing, two winners had been crowned, Alba rider Kory Ellis took Glen Helen and Team Suzuki rider Doug Gust conquered Gatorback. The question on everyoneís mind was: would Kory Ellis make a come back at the third round, would Gust start a streak or would there be another winner? Several bets for a new winner were on Jeremiah Jones (Yamaha) and Tim Farr (Honda).

15 Reasons you should turn Pro in ATV Racing:
1.Air TankAir Compressor
2.Gas Can55 Gallon Drum
3.Truck or VanSemi or Motor Coach
4.Shop ManualMark Baldwin
5.Spare SparkplugSpare Engine
6.ShockwaresWayne Meridian
7.HammerSnap-On Tool Chest
9.Extra ChainExtra Frame
10.New Dennis KirkDennis Kirk Sponsorship
11.Spare TireRack of Spare Tires
13.Extra BarsYour Own Signature Series
15.Best FriendTrophy Girl

About the track:
Echeconnee is a sandy track with lines that change severely after each lap and becomes whooped out extremely fast. As if the sand werenít enough, after each turn riders are introduced to a new challenge like a huge double, table top or elevation change. Luckily track promoter Donnie Banks kept the track in excellent condition throughout the weekend. Unluckily, promoter and staff made it apparently clear that press coverage was going to be kept to a minimum. Spectators get to view the track from several highly visible locations including the large hill near the track entrance. As for parking, letís just say itís easier to navigate the race course.

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