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Sidewinder Sprockets

A few months ago when Racer 450 first went public one of the very first companies to give us a call was Sidewinder Sprockets. Since then we’ve managed to keep in touch with Vic from Sidewinder every couple of weeks. We were telling Vic about some mysterious sprocket failures we had just experienced and a few days later a box full of Sidewinders “sprockets” showed up in the FedEx truck.

When we opened up the box nothing flashy popped out; just a stack of flat-black coated chain wheels. As soon as we started unpacking we realized there might be more than meets the eye with these sprockets. They were hard. They felt very similar to the sand stone that covers a large part of Southern Illinois and other Midwestern riding areas. We immediately started taking bets on chain life.

Since Vic sent these sprockets down to prove a point, we thought it might be humorous if we sent them back in pieces. We sent a set out with a local rider we knew could cause some damage with strict instructions “bring these back broken next week”. Much to our surprise, three weeks later, the sprockets came back in one piece. It seemed like the joke was now on us.

The sprockets showed very little wear, which was mostly cosmetic. In approximately the same amount of time we put about fifty percent wear on a different name brand sprocket and broke another into four pieces.

Sidewinder’s sprockets are a no-thrills part. No flashy gimmicks or eye candy. No professional rider endorsement. They are slightly heavier than the readily available alloy sprockets most dealerships stock but are far lighter than OEM. Our tests reviled a far longer life expectancy than any other sprocket we’ve every tried, no matter what the brand. These sprockets are slightly more expensive than the normal alloy sprocket but won’t break the bank, plus, they should out live several of the competing sprockets.

Sidewinder Racing Products
601 Sidwell Court
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone - 630-513-1000 (24 Hr. Service)

If your new 450cc has an appetite for chain wheels, why not test out Sidewinder for yourself?

Note – No chains were harmed in the making of this test.

UPdog Number Plate Backgrounds

Rule of thumb: Always use number plate backgrounds; it just looks cheesy if you don’t.

We spotted some trick looking backgrounds on some guy by the name of Tim Farr’s TRX450R at a National a few weeks ago. When we got back to Illinois, we called the company that produced them up and received a “What’s Up Dog” welcome.

A few days later we found a huge enveloped full of goodies waiting at the post box. As it turns out, UPdog manufactures a huge majority of the stickers you see at the track for several of the largest companies in the business like Lonestar and JB Racing. After hiding our new stash of stickers from the sticker thief that regularly makes his rounds through the R450 office we checked out the number plate backgrounds.

These turned out to be some of the nicest backgrounds we have ever seen. These are Sub printed on 20mil vinyl with 3M adhesive and were flawless. They are available with white, black, blue, red or yellow background colors with an extra large top printed pinstripe. Previously only an option for dirt bike guys, these backgrounds are custom fit for the ATV they will be going on.

If you’re going to race, spend a few extra dollars and get number plate backgrounds. If you want to set yourself apart from all the other guys that bought number plate backgrounds, go with UPdog.

Updog Industries
70 Industrial St.
Rittman, Ohio 44270
Tel. 877-925-1220
Fax 330-927-3111

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