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Paducahís Southeast Amateur Nationals: an ATVA misprint
By: Racer450 Staff

If you didnít make it to Paducah for the Southeast Amateur Nationals, you probably didnít miss what you think that you did. This was a good day of racing and it was done well enough, but if you wanted to see atvs racing this was not the race to be at. Thatís right, no matter what the ATVA race booklet said, this was a motorcycle event. The AMA was on hand for this motorcycle event. Doug Neubauer was the AMA representative on hand. He is a good guy and was very helpful. However, the ATVA had this listed as an amateur atv event. This was not the case as was pointed out to me by Doug. This was an AMA motorcycle event. Steve Nace, the race promoter, was just kind enough to let the atvs race also. So my hat is off to Steve Nace Racing Promotions, but I am a little confused with the ATVA. This race was short track and TT on Saturday, followed by the half mile on Sunday.

Letís start where the race did. We started with the short track, and stayed with it until it was finished. That includes from hot laps all the way through the finals. This consisted of hot laps, qualifiers, heats, semifinals, and finals. Needless to say this took almost all day from noon till about six-thirty pm. I donít complain too much when it comes to racing, but they could have done this just a bit different. They could have run each of the different types of races for short track and then run the same for TT. This would have made things a bit more interesting to watch at least. The TT hot laps didnít even start until just about dark. Actually, if you want to get technical they werenít even through all of the different classes before the sun ducked behind the hill. I donít know about you, but I would have rather split this so at least some of my TT racing would have been done in the daytime.

There were about thirty total atvs at the event. This was good in that the classes werenít really big, but this was bad in that there were probably one hundred and seventy-five bikes. Anyway, letís get to the meat of the story, there may not have been a lot of atvs there, but the races were hard fought and fun to watch. Everyone who was racing seemed to have great sportsmanship and was out there to not only compete, but also have a good time. That is one of the things that you will see at an amateur event like this. Everybody wants to enjoy the day. Steve Nace was very helpful and so was Doug Neubauer. I was just a little disappointed in the mistake that was made by the ATVA, not only for me in watching, but also for the racers who thought that they were going to an amateur quad national. Oh well, the day was fun and there was some great racing, I will just be happy with that!

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