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Train Rolls On
Pulling into the Budds Creek pits on Friday it was extremely clear this round was going to be huge. Traffic was already backing into the highway and there was no parking in the pits within view of the track. Up at the tower the entry form sign-up line was already one hundred feet long and moving at less than snail pace. A few minutes later we met up with track owner Jonathan Beasley, and were welcomed with a short history about the track and the best trackside-breakfast sandwiches in existence.

Back at track the bi-weekly speculation was already starting. Alba rider Korry Ellis had taken the first win back home in California and Team Suzuki/Yoshimura rider Doug Gust had walked away with the rest of the season. Other prospects with their name on the list were East Coast ATV rider John Natalie who has regularly set his name atop the podium this season and Yamaha rider Jeremiah Jones who has dealt with bad luck all season long but always seems to find his way to the front. For the record; most bets were on Doug.

A brief Budds Creek History Lesson:
Unfortunately in ATV racing there is little knowledge circulating about the tracks throughout the series since they were built back in the days when dirt bikes were primarily in the same up and coming state as ATVs are today. Jonathan Beasley started building the track in 1973 at the age of fourteen for himself and his brother who was eleven. The track the two brothers competed at was closed and a local club talked to the family about holding events at their practice track. After a few years and little bit of track expansion Jonathan took over the track at the age of 17 in 1977 and has been running it every since. As an added bonus, the route of direction is changed each year at Budds Creek keeping things interesting for both the racers and spectators.

To find out more about Budds Creek click here.

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