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Tavis Cain: #6 is ready to roll
By: Ryan Webb

Tavis Cain is a pro rider on the national motocross circuit. He hails from McKinleyville, California, near the northern end of the state. He is a little bit soft spoken, but is full of confidence when you get him on an atv. He loves to jump and he's making a great name for himself and his #6 Duncan sponsored YFZ. I caught up with Tavis at Red Bud and this is what he had to say.

R450: So what do you think about the track here at Red Bud?
Tavis: It's my favorite track. It has always been my favorite track since I got started. I like how they change things around here. We've always said that they needed a set of whoops, and they definitely put in a set of whoops. That pretty much makes this track perfect. It's fast and has a lot of jumps. The rain made it a little narrow, but they are doing a good job pushing the corners out. It's beautiful. Most of the racers really like this track.

R450: So what do you think that the hardest part of the track is?
Tavis: The whoops are probably the hardest part. They are big and they're tough. That's where most of the passing in the pro class will take place. The guys who can get through the whoops clean are going to be putting up the fastest lap times. They'll also be the ones moving through the pack the fastest.

R450: So what do you think about LaRocco's Leap?
Tavis: No one's going to try that thing man. It seems like it gets bigger through the years. I love to see the bikes do it, but we're not going to try it. The jump is awesome though. The ski jump is great. We're all doing that and it's great. Now they've also put in a tabletop that's about ninety feet before the whoops. Most of us are busting that out. They've got a lot of new jumps and I love jumping. That's one of the reasons that this is my favorite track.

R450: You were running really smooth out in practice with Joe Byrd. How do you like the YFZ 450?
Tavis: I love it. I've been on a two-stroke ever since I started racing. I had never really been on a four-stroke until last year when the pro production class came around. I rode the Kawasaki last year, but it was like riding a bull, so I got on the Yamaha. I love it. It handles nice, and it's a lot more fun to ride than the two-stroke was. It has consistent power, and Duncan built me an excellent motor with plenty of power.

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