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Back On Track: at Red Bud
By: Ryan Webb

Welcome to Red Bud Motocross Track. Red Bud is located in Buchanon, Michigan. Well, this is not your average track. They have such famous attractions as LaRocco's Leap. This is one of the most famous jumps on the entire motocross circuit. But don't think that this is just about the leap. This track has everything to offer, from long straights to big jumps. There is also a huge set of whoops that are new to the track this year. The layout of the track is great for the fans too. The entire track is viewable from different spots, and most of the fences run right alongside the track. This makes Red Bud a fan's delight for watching the races. However, don't think that this is some new track that is just hitting the circuit, this track has been around since the seventies. Let's take a look at what makes Red Bud a huge success.

As you line up on the starting gate, you will notice that after the short straight there is a hard left almost 90 degree turn. You then come up on a right 180 followed by a left turn that is just over 90 degrees. Here's a great place to have your cameras ready because we come to what they call the ski jump. This is a huge downhill jump that will take you out about 100 feet. After you land the ski jump it levels off and goes into a left 90 to a double. Now in practice the pros ran the same line as everybody else, but in the motos they had to make a right 90 up a hill to a sweeping left 180 back down. Then there was a right 90 followed soon after by a left 90. Once you made the left, you come to a section that looks like it could be a triple, but everybody did it as a double single. Then you make a hard right 180 to what seems to be one of the most difficult sections of the track.

Looking ahead after the right 180 you come to a double-double section. This is set off by a small double that seems pretty easy, but then you come to what some people call the canyon jump. This is a large double that actually takes you up hill while you are doing it. This is probably about a 50 foot double with the landing about 4 feet higher than the launch. That in itself can be a pretty intimidating sight. However, people were doing it all weekend long. Some weren't quite making it though. There was more than one person who had to be hauled out by the paramedics because they didn't have the distance to clear the jump. But, those are the risks you take when you are racing the national circuit. We just hope that everyone was okay that didn't make the jump. After the canyon jump there was a sweeping left that took you back down the hill and then a right 90 that took you back up. If that wasn't enough up and down there was a tight left 180 that took you back down to a sloped single and an uphill straight. That seems like it had a very small set of whoops, but it was just worn down to the rough.

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