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Pit Stop: with Jason Luburgh
By: Ryan Webb

We're back again with a chat from Jason Luburgh. Jason is one of the pro riders on the ATVA GNC Motocross circuit. He is currently in ninth place after an unfortunate situation that took place at Casey, Illinois. If you want to know more look at the race report to find out what happened. Jason hails from Zainesville, Ohio. It is somewhere around Columbus. When we caught up to him at London, Kentucky he was getting ready to head home. Jason is somewhat centrally located for the series. He's a great rider and a really good guy. When I talked to him, this is what he had to say.

R450: So how do you like riding the YFZ 450?
Jason: I really like the Yamaha. I'm really starting to get comfortable on it. I rode my bike from last year just before I came up here and hated it. It's a Lonestar with the Yamaha dirtbike 450 motor on it. I just put it back up after a few minutes.

R450: Who's building the motor for you now?
Jason: TC Racing builds my motor.

R450: Since we're already on the subject, who are your sponsors.
Jason: Quad Tech, Kenda Tires, Douglas Wheel, Lonestar, Blingstar, PEP, Works Connection, Maxima, AC Racing, Shift, Smith, One Industries, Alpine Stars, Regina Chain

R450: So what did you think of the track here?
Jason: I liked it. It's really nice. It is probably in the best condition that I have seen it the whole time that I've been racing here. It still needs to be a little wider; there's nowhere to pass.

R450: What do you think about what they did after the rain today?
Jason: I think they could have done a better job. They should have plowed the track and all of the wet would have mixed with the dry and it would be perfect.

R450: Overall, what do you think of the circuit?
Jason: I think it is okay. It needs a lot of improvement. It is a little unorganized.

R450: Is there any particular area that you think they need to work on?
Jason: No, I would assume that it is really hard to be organized in something like this. Everybody tries to make this like the dirtbikes and be really strict with every rule. Which is good, but they end up hurting a lot of people. It just needs more organization and communication between promoters and track owners. There should be stipulations of what the track has to be. Gatorback was horrible, I can't believe that we are going back again next year. It is the biggest piece of crap track that we've ever been to. There should be requirements for a national caliber track.

R450: Well, I've been asking everybody, so how did you like Glen Helen?
Jason: I really liked it. I thought it was awesome. It was a heck of an endurance track. It was a lot of fun. I really liked it. I can't wait to go back. I liked it and Macon the most. Macon was definitely the best track.

R450: So is Echeconnee your favorite track then?
Jason: Yeah, I love the track there. I think it is the sand and the way they run that track. I think they do a really good job down there.

R450: Which is your least favorite track?
Jason: I would say Gatorback is my least favorite by far.

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