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This month we spend a few minutes trackside at Casey with East Coast ATV rider Tracy Solomon. Tracyís season was cut short this year with an injury early on but she has managed to help push her team throughout the season. We look forward to seeing Tracy battle it out next year and hopefully bring home a title.

Start off by telling us how you got started.
I started off riding at two on a little Suzuki 50. My father races stock cars; thatís how I got into the racing thing. I started racing four wheelers when I was about fifteen riding hare scrambles on a Yamaha Warrior and then started with 250rs and motocross. Iíve been racing every since then.

Did you have any local tracks?
We have two Ė Pine Grove (Flying Dutchman) and Sleepy Hollow.

So how did you get hooked up with East Coast?
We just found them locally. We need little things like tethers or nerf bars when I started out.

You road two strokes up until this year?
Yes, but I started on a four stroke. California was my first time ever on the new Yamaha.

What did you think?
I loved it, but it was hard getting use to. I was use to a two stroke, that type of power, but the Yamaha is definitely more powerful than the two strokes.

What did you think of California?
I liked the track, it was little dusty. We flew out there and had the bikes hauled so it was an easy drive.

What about the wind?
It was very windy, ÖVery incredibly windy.

Which track was your first national?
London, KY. My boyfriend and brother talked me into that. They said ďsee you can do itĒ, I was like, No Way. They drug me out there and I actually crashed. I had a hurt shoulder but thatís it.

Did you run the rest of the series?
I have yet to able to run every national in a series because of my job, but next year Iíll be back and Iím going to do every single one.

So what is your job?
Iím a hair dresser.

Trackside haircuts?
(Laughs) Thatís what everyone says!

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