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Rev-X2: M2Rís got you covered
By: Ryan Webb

If your lid is in need of replacing, I just may have the thing for you. This month in Racer450 we are going to take a look and a test of the Revelation-X2 helmet made by M2R. We got in touch with M2R, and they liked the idea of us testing out one of their helmets. So we had them send us an extra large, I have a big head, Revelation-X2 helmet in black and yellow. A couple of weeks later the helmet arrived. As I opened the very nice box, I noticed that the Rev-X2 came with a very large Advantix stabilizer on the back of the helmet. This was obviously something that would stand out as you look at the helmet. When I pulled the helmet out of the box I was very pleased with the overall look of the helmet. The paint was clean and very well laid out. Also, to my surprise the stabilizer didnít stand out like I expected it to. Overall the first impression of the helmet was very pleasing, but this didnít tell me how it would perform.

On to the meat of the matter - the specs of the helmet stack up very well. The Rev-X2 has an MIT (Multiple Inclusion Technology) shell. Also, this helmet meets or exceeds DOT standards, by which all helmets are tested. This helmet is Snell M2000 certified, another testing standard. It is listed at a weight of 1275 grams. For those of us that donít quite know the metric system by heart, this means that it is a very light helmet. I can attest to this, because I compared it to a couple of other brand smaller sized helmets and it was lighter in almost every comparison. M2R also lists it as having a Rideflex interior, which will give and conform for the rider. They have also incorporated what they call a Flotec ventilation system into the helmet. The Rev-X2 uses a D-ring retention system on the strap to keep it on your head. As usual the interior is removable and the paint is high-grade paint. And if you are already considering the Rev-X2 to replace your old helmet it is available in sixes; XS, S, M, L,XL, and XXL.

Donít think that we just stopped at the information that M2R sent us, we actually took this bad boy out for a weekend of riding. We all know that if something happens and you should fall the helmet will prevent you from breaking your skull. However, the real test of any quality helmet is the comfort during the ride. With the D-ring on the strap, you might want to remove at least one glove to put it on, but that doesnít really make much difference. After we got going, I noticed that the helmet had some nice airflow. The open vent on the mouth guard allowed for excellent airflow at speed, but the nice thing was the Flotec vents that are incorporated on the side of the helmet to allow airflow around the back of your head as well. As you all know, on a hot day, a helmet just seems to make things worse. Well, I knew that at speed the vents worked well, but could they stand up to the slow pace. Actually, to my surprise, the vents still allowed for good airflow at lower speeds. Truthfully, when I was just arely moving, I still noticed some air movement in the helmet. That is definitely an A+ in my book for ventilation.

The overall comfort of the Rev-X2 was also very pleasing. The Rideflex interior molded to my head. This is very thick padding, and kept the helmet in place and comfortable the whole time. At times, in rough areas, you could feel the hard foam underneath, but it wasnít a bother and didnít take away from the comfort much. Also, the interior is removable, so that you can pull it out at the end of the day and clean it up. That is very nice. No sweaty helmet next time you go to ride.

All in all, this helmet was definitely a pleasing experience as helmets go. I liked the lightweight feel on my head. It was easier on my neck at the end of the day. Also, there wasnít the pressure from hard padding inside the helmet. Once again, I canít stress enough the fact that I was kept a few degrees cooler all day long because of the vents in this helmet. Something that I havenít mentioned yet is the rubber nose shield on the top of the mouth guard. This is a nice feature for keeping some of the unwanted dirt and debris out of your mouth. It also works well at deflecting those unidentified flying objects that often meat with your face at high speeds. The only complaint that I had with the Rev-X2 is the fact that there wasnít a helmet-bag with it. Overall this is definitely a good buy from M2R. Also, with a listed price of $199.95 it really is affordable. Even for those of you who donít want to spend that much for riding, the comfort above other helmets and the protection that you receive are well worth the money. Besides, itís still a whole lot cheaper than a doctorís visit.

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