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Quad Tech Carbon Fiber ATV Accessories
A couple months back we were re-race prepping a 400ex left over from last season to turn a few laps at race some of the Racer 450 staff were helping put together. About the same time we just happened to be in contact with Billy from Quad Tech and he sent up some carbon fiber parts for us to use.

We had already lost the headlights so we needed a hood. Ram-Air style hoods seem to be all the rage, so we wanted to try something different. Quad Tech makes a NACA duct which is pretty much the opposite of what everyone else makes. Perfect.

When the hood came in it was flawless. It was molded specifically for 400ex plastic unlike so many of the 250r – made to fit- 400ex hoods out there right now. A few cuts in the new plastic and four supplied rivets and now we’re in business. The whole process took about 5 minutes and everything fit like a glove.

Next up we installed Quad Tech’s carbon fiber air scoops. They are a little smaller than the aluminum type we were replacing but thanks to their rounded shape they actually appeared to have more surface area on the inside were it counts. Another advantage is that, Quad Tech’s scoops will clear any aftermarket a-arms we’ve seen. The larger alloy scoops are often bent if the suspension bottoms because they hang over the top a-arms. They also feature cool aluminum badges instead of a sticker that will wash off or get beat off at Southwick. These were definitely the coolest scoops we’ve ever used and earn a five star rating. For a closer look at these scoops, check out Doug Gust’s Suzuki.

We’ve always had a thing for carbon fiber parts. Quad Tech is the original carbon shop for ATVs and the quality is perfect. Our parts had no blems and fit dead-on. We’ve checked out Quad Tech parts on several other ATVs (Quad Tech sponsors about half of the pro riders and some great pro-am guys) and they were just as nice. Plus, both air scoops and the hood weighed about the same amount as just the aluminum scoops we replaced. Quad Tech’s parts are usually a little higher than the competition, but from what we’ve seen they are the best.

Carbon Fiber = Cool.
Quad Tech = The Bomb.

Stay tuned for more Quad Tech reviews for the new Honda and Yamaha 450s! For now visit Quad Tech’s web site www.quadtech-atv.com or call 949-859-7823.

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