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Back on Track: at Daniel Boone MX Park, London, Kentucky
By: Ryan Webb

Well, if you have been keeping up with us all year, we have been laying out the motocross tracks on the ATVA circuit for you. We are at it again in London, Kentucky. This is one of the last few rounds of racing that we have left this year, and we are going to show you what the track is like here. As usual the track is off of the beaten path out away from everything else. You come into the pits and you will notice that there isnít a lot of extra space. The vendors are lined up on the main road around the track, and everyone parks wherever they can find the space. As usual the vendors that have been at all of the events are there. Legacy ATV has their big yellow semi parked in plain sight along with Moto Tees and Terry Racing. The track is in a good position where you can see most of what is going on from the road or the stands. Letís get down to the nitty gritty.

As always we are going to start at the beginning. Thatís right, the twenty position starting gate. This starting gate is down the hill opposite of the stands. The start comes out just as any other gate and goes into a slight right turn that brings you to the downhill ski jump. Then you continue downhill and then back up the hill and make a left 90 and head into the whoops. After the whoops is a hard left 180 down a hill. Then you have a right 180 followed by a double that brings you back up the hill. After the track flattens out up the hill you have another double and then a sweeping right turn leading into a set of close tabletops that is called the Table of Two. After you come out of the tabletops there is a double that leads you into the six pack. This is a set of three doubles in a rhythm section.

At the end of the six pack you come to what they call the Rocket Pocket, as opposed to a pocket rocket this is a section of the track! It is a very sharp right 90 that drops out from under you to a downhill and a left 90.

After the left 90 you hit the finish line tabletop that sits directly in front of the stands. After you come down from the tabletop finish, you go directly into a right 120 that leads you into a straight away followed by a left 90. When you come out of the turn ahead lies the Cumberland Falls Tabletop. You then have a downhill straight that comes back up the hill to a small triple into a right 180. Out of the turn you will hit a drop away double and then come back up to a single and a left 180. Then you go down and hit an uphill jump that brings you out on level ground. After this there is a short straight followed by a right 180. Out of that 180 you come to what they call the Mammoth Table. This is a 100 foot tabletop that ends on a downhill. Then you come up the hill to a right very long sweeping 150 with a small tabletop in it. This long slow sweep will bring you back around to the ski jump and the start of the next lap.

London is a good track that seems a bit narrow in some places, but there are plenty of big jumps and technical areas to keep you entertained. I donít know if you noticed, but they have more tabletops than you will ever need. If you happen to be in Kentucky next year, plan on checking out Daniel Boone MX Park and catching the nationals. At least now you know what to expect.

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