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Rath Racing MX Bumper

Racer 450 met up with Daryl Rath late this summer at the TT in Paducah, Kentucky. While we were at Daryl’s trailer doing an interview which you will find on Racer 450 next month we couldn't help but notice some of the trick parts installed on his Polaris Predators. It turns out that Rath makes a lot more than the industry standard sway bars nearly everyone runs. In fact, he actually produces his own A-Arms and Swing Arms among several other parts. We plan on featuring a lot of Rath products in the future and we are starting out small this month with the Rath MX front bumper.

Rath Racing’s MX front bumper is constructed of 6061 aluminum and is designed to hold a number plate. The number plate comes pre-mounted in your choice of red, blue, white or black. The bumper is available to fit YFZ, Predator, 450r, 400ex or 250r in black powder coat or natural finishes.

Several of today’s popular bumpers are built for quantity not quality. Instead of taking the time and cutting for a perfect fit the tubes are cut close and the gaps are filled with weld. This is faster and easier but makes for a bumper that is hard to install because it doesn’t fit properly. This wasn’t the case with Rath’s bumper at all.

Every joint on the bumper is perfect and featured and excellent TIG weld. The mounting brackets appeared to be CNC or Laser cut and were very strong. Most companies simply collapse the end of a round tube. This extra step is greatly appreciated.

Our bumper came fitted for a YFZ and fit perfect. The powder coat finish was top notch and appears very durable. Rath bumpers are quite strong due to the small size and heavy duty construction. There are no long runs of tube away from the bracing so there wont be much leverage for bending in a pile up. Unless you have a major accident next season we can’t see any reason why the Rath bumper wouldn’t last a full season at the nationals.

For more on the scoop:

Rath Racing
20784 Highway 15 North
Hutchinson, Minnesota 55350
(320) 234-RACE (7223)

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