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Angela Moore:
Girl Gone Wild - The Seized Interview
By: Racer 450 Staff

The Racer 450 crew recently met up with Angela Moore at Loretta Lynnís for an interview. The entire Racer 450 staff agrees that this is absolutely the most hilarious and most entertaining interview we have ever had. We canít wait to try and beat it next season and we hope to video the next. This is the first interview weíve ever had to censor so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

R450: Lets start this off, how did you get into ATV racing?
Angela: I started riding when I was 11; my dad had a utility machine. We use to go on poker rides, all that little stuff. Dad brought home a couple LT80s one day from a local shop. We did just some local stuff and then we went to a local track in PA when I was 12.

R450: So how did you do?
Angela: I did my usual and crashed. But, I got back up and got second. I learned that I could pass a bunch of those kids so in the second moto I won. Every since then I just kept with it.

R450: So I take it you're from PA?
Angela: Yes, East Springfield.

R450: Have you always just done Motocross or did you do TT as well?
Angela: When the series was all combined back in the day I did them both. I still love the TT, itís just so hard to get the funds to do both. Honestly, I think the two should be combined again. Have a true Grand National Champion again.

R450: Where was your first national?
Angela: Highpoint when I was 15 and I road a Blaster. I was originally suppose to ride an LT80 but it didnít show up so my Dad had a friend meet us half way with my Blaster. I snuck into the womenís class that day.

R450: How did you do?
Angela: That weekend, not good. I was expecting to run the 80 and had to run my Blaster. A year or so later I started riding the 80 class but it was hard, I was always just to big for the class. We couldnít get it to go as fast, I road against Nathan Dallas back in the day when it was one long week of racing here.

R450: So your parents have always been involved.
Angela: Yes, my Dad was the main one involved. My Mom offered support but she didnít really like me out there. She didnít really want to watch a whole lot.

R450: So theyíre still involved.
Angela: They are but not as hands on. Now I live out in Phoenix, AZ Ė 2300 miles away.

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