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Back on Track: Loretta Lynnís Dirt Days
By: Ryan Webb

Welcome to the final round of the ATVA Motocross Series. Here we are at Loretta Lynnís Dirt Days down in Tennessee. Not only did we come to a great track, but we also came to the home of the Coal Minerís Daughter. Thatís right, weíre here in Hurricane Mills for round twelve. When you pull up, you might be a little surprised to see all of the vehicles and trailers. Overall, there was a total of eight hundred entries into the races that weekend. That is a new record for participation attendance at any of the motocrosses for atvís ever. Not only did we have a great weekend of racing, but we also got to see the ceremonies for the race win, the Blingstar presentation, and the Overall Grand National Champion Doug Gust. This is one of the few tracks that you will come across on the series that is all man-made. This track is not set on a hillside or in rough terrain. In all actuality, this track is set on what is a cow pasture for eleven months out of the year. As usual, I am going to take you on a walk around of the track. Letís get started.

As always, we will start at the twenty-position gate. All of the racers line up for the start and come blazing out for the hole shot on the first right 90. Once again, the track straightens out for about 200 feet and then you come to a left 90. After that there is a straight with a small double and a left 180. Then comes a short straight that leads into a right 180 followed by the Ten Commandments. This is a raised section of very tall and technical whoops that you can almost double through. There is a jump off of the end and a right 45. After the turn, it straightens out and leads into a single and then a left 180. Coming out of the last turn you come directly into a step-down double followed shortly by another small double. Then you will come to a left 45 that will take you to a straight. Partway down the straightaway you come to a set of doubles that will set you up for the biggest jump at Dirt Days.

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