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Hiper recently sent us a set of their carbon fiber ATV racing wheels for use on our upcoming 450r project bike. Although we’re around these wheels almost weekly at the Nationals we’ve never actually taken the time to check them out closely. Their matt black color tends to hide just how cool these wheels are.

Hiper has been producing these wheels for a few years now and they have undergone several small changes showing Hiper’s commitment to producing a good product. The original Hiper wheels showed up on Travis Spader’s race bike, “remember that guy”.

There are several reasons to look into using composite wheels. We bend several sets of wheels each year and it has begun to eat away at our equipment budget. Hiper wheels are able to absorb impact by flexing. They will then rebound to their original shape unlike alloy wheels that will flat spot or incur damage to the center section. If you do damage one there’s no need to through it in the scrap pile, Hiper wheels can be repaired, they consist of three main components which are all available separately. This can tremendously lower you racing costs if you go through several wheels each season.

Our wheels came in 10x5 front and 9x9 rear, “we’re big on 9 inch rears for their cornering accuracy and lack of side wall tire flex”. The fronts are a single beadlock design and the rears are double. This is great because it allows for tire removal at the track without breaking a bead, a definite plus in our book. Because of the composite construction this wheel is slightly lighter than a single beadlock alloy wheel, another plus in our book.

We will be using these wheels very severely in a future issue so expect a rap up article. For now know that Hiper wheels look the part of a high quality manufactured product. They have definitely sparked our interest and if you have the same wheel issues as us you should check them out for yourself.

Visit Website

Hiper Technology
Sales - 877.GO.HIPER (877.464.4737)
Tech - 785.749.6011

What do we think?
Very cool, very unique well worth trying out.

The Quality:
Very high, take a closer look. The black color hides their design.

The Price:
More than OEM replacement aluminum wheels but competitive with beadlock aluminum wheels.

The Cool Factor:

What Didn’t We Like:
These wheels can be hard to find but we’re sure that wont last. We didn’t quite understand the extensive shipping price for such a light set of wheels.

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