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Quad Tech Shaft Protection System

What is the worst thing about having expensive shocks and how can the problem be solved? Mud, rocks and sand coating your shaft (you know what we mean) play hell on your seals/shaft and lead to an early shock rebuild because of leaks. Apparently the shock manufactures donít mind this; shock rebuilds go for $100 plus. One option is running shock covers. Shock covers actually keep out a good deal of dirt but also rub the paint of your shockís springs or get caught in the springís retainer clips and get torn to shreds. Shock covers also hold in heat that can cause shock fade. These problems are why you see several pro riders running their shocks bare on most occasions.

Install time is less than five minutes. Simply remove the bottom spring retainers on your shocks and replace them with the billet Quad Tech spring retainers that come pre-attached to the carbon fiber. Tighten two included screws and youíre set. The new parts even matched the anodized color on our Elkas.

Now there is another option. Quadtech offers a set of shock guards that fasten to the lower portion of the shock using a billet clamp. They actually cover the entire shaft and lower spring with a reflective shield of carbon fiber that is designed very much like the fork guards on Honda dirt bikes. They do not seal the shock in any way, while this does allow dirt or dust to contact the shock it completely protects the shaft and allows for plenty of heat dissipation and air flow.

What do we think?
If we had an innovations award to give, Quadtech would have gotten it.

The Quality:
10 out of 10, expect no less.

The Price:
More than shock covers, about the price of a shock rebuild, cheaper than a damaged shaft and well worth every penny.

Visit the new Quad Tech web site

The Cool Factor:
Do you really have to ask?

What didnít we like?
Shocks should come with these.

Quad Tech-ATV
23011 Moulton Parkway, Suite C-1
Laguna Hills, California 92653
Phone - (949) 859.7823
Fax - (949) 859.7343

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