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Regina 520 Z- Ring Quad Chain

Racer 450 was contacted by Regina chain a couple months back in regards to their new 520 quad chain. When the chain arrived we were instantly impressed because there was actually an ATV on the box. Not just any ATV, a yellow ATV and our friend Doug Gust.

Upon opening the box we noticed instructions. We know; who wants to read them right? It’s just something most chain companies don’t take the time to do. Regina’s instructions offer tips for installing and maintaining the chain and should be read. You may find these tips will cure some of the most common chain problems.

Now moving on to the chain:
We first noticed it was kind of heavy, as soon as we pulled it out of the box we saw why. This chain is beefy and definitely looks national caliber. We have a few other brands of 520 chains lying around and they suddenly seemed inadequate next this thing. The new 450 ATVs have started a chain crisis in the business so to speak, almost nothing holds up. This is Regina’s solution.

Since most of our testing is done on a motocross track we are pretty hard on chains. Some brands, which we won’t mention here, stretch. Although all chains will stretch over time Regina chains have always rated extremely well with us. We actually ruined “over stretched” another name brand chain in one session while we were testing some shocks.

You may have noticed that this chain is a Z-Ring, not your average O-ring. Regina has come up with a patented “Z” design that deforms slightly when seated to form a cup “in simple terms” that helps to retain chain lubricants. This lengthens chain life dramatically, especially out at the nationals when the rain falls and you don’t have a choice about running. We’ve put several hours and several miles on all of our Regina chains and we don’t have a complaint yet. They’ve been used for motocross, cross country, mud, water, sand and ran dry. They’ve even seen the rocks a Turkey Bay. We give Regina a thumbs up and as an added bonus that almost every manufacture can learn from, it came with a sticker wrapped up in those instructions!

824 Chesapeake Drive
Cambridge, MD 21613 USA
Phone: (410) 221-2800
Fax: (410) 221-2801

In Conclusion:
We receive a lot of parts for reviews here at Racer 450, several of which never make it into the magazine because of failures during testing. It’s always nice when we receive something to test that we actually already purchase on our own. Some of the staff members here have been using Regina chains for a few years now. We can honestly say from experience that Regina chains are in it for the long haul. Nearly every test you have seen in Racer 450 during the last year has had a Regina chain onboard. Guess what, we’ve had zero failures.

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