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A Tale of Lohr: Chad Lohr
By: Ryan Webb

Many of you may not know who Chad Lohr is, but you soon will. Chad is a part of Team Duncan Racing. He has been involved in the sport for the last twenty years. Thatís right; he actually got started back in the three-wheeler days. Chad has been racing since he was about eight years old and now runs in the Pro-Am production class. At Loretta Lynnís, he also ran in the Pro class. He is 33 years old and hails from Madison, Virginia. Chad carries the number #15 and rides a blue Yamaha 450. He has been racing the National Series since 1988 minus five years that he took off. He started back in the Open Pro-Am and has won two titles in that class in the last three years. Next year he plans to run the Pro-Am production and some of the Pro class races.

R450: Why did you miss five years of racing?
Chad: I took some time off and got married. I wanted to focus on that. It didnít end up working out so I started racing again. I have a really strong love of ATV racing, and I wanted to get back into it. My dad and I have been racing together since I was a kid.

R450: How do you like racing for Duncan?
Chad: It is great. Loren runs a very special team. Tavis and I have been racing together for three or four years. Loren does a great job building fast reliable motors. Heís got a really good program here. Iíll probably finish out my career with Duncan. Heís been a great sponsor to work with.

R450: What position are you in with Pro-Am production?
Chad: Today I should have moved into fourth place. The first couple of races we didnít run in the class. I actually started in the third round so I am very happy to finish in the top five in the class.

R450: Are you planning on moving into the Pro class in the next few years?
Chad: Yeah, I will run some of the Pro races next year, and weíll just take it from there. Hopefully, I can do good enough to move up in the next year or so.

R450: How did you like Glen Helen?
Chad: It was great. This sport needs to keep growing. I know that it is hard to make the trip out to the West Coast, but we needed to go there. Thatís where most of the sponsors are. There were a lot of entries out there at that race. I think it was a huge plus for us to go out there. There probably should be some more out there to be honest. There are some great tracks out there on the West Coast.

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