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Nearing the end of the ATVA Grand National TT Championship R450 finally made it to a TT race. For those of you who follow the magazine every month know that we concentrate on motocross. We've wanted to show some TT racing all year and we chose to visit Paducah because it's close to home, expect more TT coverage next year. We were able to spend Friday and Saturday at the race, for those who don't know, TT is a little different than MX. The race is held on Saturday instead of Sunday. We spent most of our time hanging out with Tim Farr and Mark Baldwin, Keith Little and were able to meet Daryl and Jennifer Rath and Wes Miller for the first time. Speaking of which, Wes's crew (H-Bomb Films) was on hand doing some shooting. We can only wonder were they may have been during the motocross season, but that's another story.

This event was special to many as it marked the end of an era so to speak. Jackie Meadows, one of the last legends from the past factory days of our sport would mark Paducah as his last race.

During Friday things go slow, lots of random laps go on all day so teams can concentrate on their setup. When Saturday comes around the pace quickens. During the Pro Heats "forgive us if they're called motos", Tim Farr and Shane Hitt were able to take home the wins.

Time for the main:
A flood of Yamahas pored to the front with Shane Hitt leading the way. It was a great first lap but thatís all it lasted because of a wreck going into the first turn. Oddly enough, the restart looked exactly the same, only without the wreck. Shane Hitt was leading followed by Keith Little and Harold Goodman with Tim Farr back in fourth. Tim didnít take long to move into second, he looked strong all through practice and was now providing one of the most anticipated races of the season. Shane was last yearís champion and Tim was currently the point leader for o4í.

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