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Alpinestars Tech 10:

Alpinestars has recently released the Tech 10 boot, an even higher performance boot than the legendary Tech 8 that has become industry standard in ATV and bike motocross. Bike motocross stars like Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed began using the boot at the start of the ’04 outdoor season but it was only recently released to the public and probably made history as the most anticipated boot to ever.

We had planned to test the new Tech 10 but ran into a few snags.

We contacted Alpinestars on a couple occasions, once to congratulate them on Doug Gust’s championship. The head of public relations responded with a “Doug Who?” After explaining to them that Doug was the ATV MX champion and that they sponsor him they proudly accepted our compliment and explained that Doug was not on their list.

The second time was in regards to a boot test. Upon calling yet another person, who seemed to have replaced the last person, they gladly explained that our industry was simply not large enough for an Alpinestars boot test.

We didn’t call a third time.

Now back to the boot. Our accountant laughed out loud when we asked for a $450 pair of boots to test. Although we have no doubts that the Tech 10 is probably the highest quality most radically engineered boot ever conceived that’s probably the same problem you will run into when talking to sponsors or parents about getting a set.

The boot is a high quality leather construction which also features several other component materials. It features a complete redesign on the Tech 8 and has very similar sole to the popular Vectors. The interior features a radical new torsion bar system that controls ankle movement, a system even superior to the bootie used in the past.

Although we didn’t come home with a set that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. We can’t imagine anyone having a problem with these boots, except for the problem of coming up with enough cash for a boot that is thought of by the manufacture to be “too good for ATV racing”.

/ By the way, for any Alpinestars fans who don’t know, Doug Gust is number 55 and rides for factory Suzuki/Yoshimura. He won the 2004 Grand National Motocross Championship and we’re sure he likes his boots. /

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