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Smith Warp TI Goggles

Take a look at the glitz and glamour, top of the line Smith Optics goggles. The new Warp TI goggles are definitely eye-catching when you first see them. These goggles are bright themselves, but when you factor in the mirrored lenses, you might just get blinded by the light. However, donít let this confuse you about the functionality of the goggles. These are some of the more comfortable goggles that I have worn. Smith definitely has a well-designed set of goggles in the Warp TIís. Now this should be no surprise to anyone who likes Smith Optics because the Warp goggles have been around for a few years now. The Warp line of goggles actually has five different styles of the goggles. They are listed as the Warp, the Warp Airflow, the Warp Star, the Warp LST, and the Warp TI. Each different set has different features and only the Warp Star and the Warp goggles are available with the option of the racer pack (roll offs). The Warp series sells at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for anywhere from $41.95 to $64.95 and $71.95 to $84.95 for the racer pack. Donít get discouraged by this though, because you can find them cheaper if you know where to look.

The Warp TIís that we received were titanium red with red mirror lenses. The only other color option in the Warp TIís is the titanium blue with blue mirror lenses. That is a little disappointing with the lack of color options, but they come with the custom titanium painted frame that does make them look very cool. The goggles also have like all other Smith goggles, a universal fit frame, but they also include a three-layer thick foam padding. This makes the Warp TIís very comfortable to wear, which anyone who rides for long periods of time is worth its weight in gold. This also allows for good airflow to prevent the goggles from fogging at low speeds. Also this is very important if you like to ride trails as much as you do tracks. As many of the current goggles do, the Warp TIís come with a silicone backed strap. This will prevent the strap from slipping. These goggles come with an Outrigger Positioning System. This is actually the frame of the goggles that sticks out the front. This allows for maximum flex and superior strength.


We took these goggles out to the track and made some laps. The goggles were very impressive. There was very little fogging while we were trash talking prior to actually riding. As soon as we did take off, the small amount of fog there was dissipated before the first turn. We then picked up the pace and followed another rider. There was a complete seal from the foam that didnít seem to allow any dirt or dust to slip by. We were also impressed by the visibility that the blue inside tint gave to light amplification and color distinction. The fact that these goggles were comfortable was unchanged even after long periods of riding. After we finished lapping our opponents (lol), we hit the trails and were equally impressed with the performance there. Warp TI goggles are definitely a good buy and a good pair of goggles that will not only protect you, but also be comfortable and make you look cool at the same time. We canít wait to see whatís next.

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