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Pre Season Roundup

Out with 2004, in with 2005. After such an alarming year of growth we can’t say it’s a surprise to see so many changes for the upcoming season. All in all we expect 2005 to blow last year away.

Jeremiah Jones
Team Suzuki/Yoshimura

The biggest pre-season news is Jeremiah Jones joining team Yoshimura Suzuki after a troublesome year aboard the YFZ. Jeremiah will be campaigning along side champion Doug Gust. Several other changes include rumors of a new semi. Also expectedly gone from Team Yoshimura Suzuki is Roll Design/IMS which is replaced with components by Walsh Race Craft. Walsh by the way, is moving to Florida to a huge new facility. A new 450 Suzuki (LTX450 we heard) will be out in July or August, although Suzuki says there is no such ATV, they also said Doug and Jeremiah wouldn’t be running it until 06’.

450cc Suzuki Engine

Filling the hole left by Jeremiah at Yamaha, a team that wasn’t official last year but is official this year, really, is the ever publicized Kory Ellis. XC champ Bill Balance will remain with Yamaha although we have no official word on TT and MX rider Shane Hitt. Expect to see spy photos of a revised YFZ later this year.

Tim Farr will remain with Factory Honda for 05’. Tim will be wearing AlloyMX gear this season and will keep the majority of last years support such as Laeger’s and JB Racing. Mark Baldwin of Baldwin Motorsports will continue turning Tim’s wrenches and will also be supporting Rath Racing’s Daryl Rath aboard his new Honda 450r. Daryl has officially completed his Polaris contract and will also be leaving Fox Shox for PEP suspension and Lonestar components. Look forward to a hot year from Daryl in 05’.

Tim Farr
Team Honda
& Baldwin Motorsports

Picking up a deal with Fox Shox to run their new Float-X no preload air shocks that will be unveiled at the Dealer show in Indy next week is MX “star” John Natalie. John will be leaving the YFZ behind this year for a black Honda 450r. Just before press time John got his first win aboard the Honda at round 1 of the Pro Quad Stadium Series. We also heard he did really well in the Pro-Am class down at Florida.

Quad Tech will also be supporting the likes of several top riders this year. The list includes Doug Gust and Jeremiah Jones, Tim Farr, Keith Little and Angela Moore, John Natalie and Dustin Wimmer, Johnny Hale, Joe and Heather Byrd, Daryl Rath and Travis Spader among others. You may remember the name Travis Spader from Duncan Racing or the Grand National Champion a few years back. Travis will be aboard a Yamaha for his comeback at Glen Helen. Look for an interview soon.

John Natalie
Fox Shox & Quadtech

Team Duncan Racing 2005 will include Doug Eichner, Tavis Cain, Chad Lohr, Brad Page, Chad Duvall and Andy Lagzdins. Title sponsors IMS/Roll Design will remain. DRI will also work with ATV World in Europe.

The ATVA has been mixing it up as well. Gone this year is Casey, IL from the schedule and Southwick, MA. Although we don’t consider Casey a National Level track we hate to see it go, it was only an hour away from our office. Arguably the toughest track known to man was also removed from the schedule although we have no idea why. We haven’t received any confirmation why from the ATVA. Maybe next year those tracks can come back and the great hole in the ground Gatorback and the Dust bowl London will get the boot.

The ATVA also through in a new 103db sound limit. Not to disrespect anyone’s pipes, but this will only help the sport.

More updates to come, see you next month,

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