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So you want to win a race?

So you want to win a race? Tough luck; probably isn’t going to happen. In fact you’re lucky to even qualify. How do I know, it was predetermined before you even got to the track. You just bought that new 450 thinking you had a shot in a production class right. Wrong.

The production classes solved two problems. One being that you no longer have to pay top dollar for an outdated piece of crap to race and number two, the factories are back. Aside from the fact that we now race up to date pieces of crap, did it really change your life or mine? Hell no, and it probably never will until the ATVA decides to care or some new organization bulldozes the ATVA back to Ohio.

There is no production class. It’s all a myth made up by the same jerk charging you $30 to get in the gate, $40 per class to race and $15 per practice. All this is suppose to make the sport more appealing and less expensive but if you want to even make it to the field you have to spend a minimum of 10 grand on your ride or pray that the announcer tower falls over and takes out some of the riders qualifying in your class. What we need are some stock classes. What we mean by stock is “leave that bastard stock”. In our opinion C should be changed to the stock class, but that’s an entirely new paragraph.

We mentioned this to the ATVA back before rule change time. They replied by saying, “It would be too hard to implement”, and “First on our list is getting some more kid classes.” We have to admit, we didn’t consider how hard it would be mandate a stock class. For instance, hanging up a sign that says “Stock ATVs Only” should be planned out over several years. We also believe that each and every kid should race in his or her own class to insure a win. This would really prepare them for the beating they’ll take when it’s time to move to a non-fictional class.

Now, this makes us take into account the PY factor. The PY factor starts at the highest ranking classes and snowballs down to the lowest ranks. It starts when Pro riders moonlight in the Pro-Am classes taking away wins and points from the hard working racers on their way up. When was the last time you watched a C (Beginner) class? Who the hell begins on a 20 grand ATV? Nobody I ever knew, in fact, nobody does period. Somehow it really doesn’t matter who enters a C class as long as they pay their $40 and make it to the line on time.

Where I come from we have a name for guys entering classes were they generally do not belong. I’ll give you a hint; it’s a two syllable word that starts with a P and ends with a Y, hence the term PY factor.

To close this article I just want to remind beginning riders to enjoy practicing at their local home track. Regardless of how much BS you have to step through at home it’s 100 times worse out at the nationals were everyone believes they are professional and at the top of their game. If it sometimes seems like there’s hardly anything left out at the races to enjoy, your right. Just pray for the day when you smoke the guy on the ATV that cost five times more than yours and happily explain to all his followers how you crossed over the PY barrier and brought the sport back into perspective for the little guy if only for a day.

Till next time,


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