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Pro Quads Visit St. Louis, MO
By: Racer450 Staff

Saturday, February 12th, 2005 was the night that ATV racing came to the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. The Rams werenít on the field that night, but the Pro ATV riders were. This year, John Natalie on his new TRX450 has dominated the stadium series. John had won three out of the four previous races and led Tim Farr; last yearís stadium series champion, by a solid margin in the points standing. Going into the night, if John placed above twelfth he was going to win overall. After the Monster Trucks had a chance to play, the ATVs got ready to run their first heat.

Coming out in the first moto, the only really big names that were riding were John Natalie and Keith Little. They came out with eight other quads to line up for the first heat race. Once they got the green light John took off followed closely by Keith through the first turn. When they came out of the turn they headed for the split lanes ahead. John took the inside where it was just a tabletop with a step off double, and Keith took the outside where it was a step on Tabletop with a step off double. Their speeds were about the same as they went into what was a pretty large set of whoops that led into a sweeping left 180. Coming out of the turn John still had about three four-wheeler lengths lead on Keith as they hit the large double that landed on the back side of a lower tabletop. Off of the jump they made a hard right 180 with a short straight and then another sweeping left 180 to another split lane. John took the outside this time over the larger launched double side. This was followed by two more sets of smaller doubles. This brought them right back into the starting turn. Throughout the entire heat race John managed to maintain the lead that he had over Keith to take first in their heat. Keith came in second and everyone else fell into place behind them.

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