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Back on Track: Glen Helen 2005
By: Ryan Webb

Welcome to the first round of racing for the ATVA GNC Motocross Series. Once again, we are back at Glen Helen for the second time. This year Glen Helen Raceway decided to make some serious changes to the layout of the track for the ATV’s. In fact it was arguably one of the best ATV tracks ever seen at a National. Saturday went off without a hitch. The weather was great, with sunny skies and temperatures were around seventy degrees. However, Sunday wasn’t so inviting. The rain fell slowly off and on all day long and the temperature stayed between fifty-five and sixty degrees. This made for an interesting first round of racing, because the track went from being just right, to a “sandy” mud race. The first Pro moto had decent track conditions although it was a touch on the damp side. The second moto however, was just a mud bog. Riders and their quads were covered after the first couple of laps, and the only visible front number plate was that of Tim Farr out front. Although the weather didn’t cooperate the track layout was great and the professionally prepared track held together surprisingly well all day regardless of muddy conditions.

Starting out of the 20 bike concrete pad gate brings you down the long 100 yard straight. At the end of the straight lays a huge banked 180 degree right turn that they call Talladega. Although the inside allowed for good speed and a shorter line, the fastest line was actually right through the middle of the turn, where you could keep your speed up better and run a smooth line through to the next section. Coming through the next section there was a straight that led into a two line turn that was high over a hill on the inside with a sweeping outside lane that took you all the way around it through the 180 degree left turn. Out of the turn was a long uphill climb on rough terrain that slightly veered right past the kitchen sink on up Mt. St. Helen. This year kids, I held nothing back and climbed all the way to the top of Mt. St. Helen. Up top there was a 90 degree right turn that took you at high speed back down to the bottom.

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