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Elka front Sport and Race Series with Self Sagging Device.

Breaker Bar May 2005
Elka 450R Motocross Suspension

Elka supplied Racer 450 with a suspension for our project 450r after the end of the season last fall. Unfortunately our weather took a turn for the worst about the same time the new shocks arrived and weíve been sitting and staring at them every since. Now its spring and our long awaited shock install is near. Before we include them in our buildup we thought it might be better to show our viewers why we contacted Elka to work with us on this project and why major competitors like Team Suzuki also run Elka Suspension Systems.

Top: Front piggy back and compression adjustment. Bottom: Thumbwheel rebound adjustment.

First off, Elka shocks look nice. Maybe thatís not your major concern but no professional race machine can feature an inferior looking product. Elkas feature a black color scheme with red anodized accents. The anodizing looks great and doesnít allow the aluminum to discolor like most used shocks do with time. With proper care a set of Elkas can look like new for more than one season.

Top: The rear Elka features an extremely remote reservoir. Bottom: Elkaís new billet rear linkage. Nice.

Elka also custom builds each of their shocks to match the control arms or swing arm you will be using on your ride. This allows your ATV to keep the predictable feel of OEM suspension while dramatically increasing wheel travel and lowering ride height. Elka shocks are fully serviceable, meaning, if you happen to damage or overuse an Elka product, it can be repaired Ė not thrown away. Elka also offers customers several choices in rebound and compression adjustment as well as a choice of piggy-back or remote reservoirs on front shocks. Rears come standard with remote. Ours came with a braided steel hose long enough to reach to the front down tubes of our chassis. This allows for extra line capacity, increased airflow over the can and ease of compression adjustability because the can is located with the front shocks. Great Idea.

Elka has cool web site with tons of information on their products and riders Ė www.elkasuspension.com Or contact them at 1-800-557-0552

The 450rís rear suspension design has become a bit outdated. As if Elkaís rear shock isnít enough, they were one of the first companies to introduce a new direct bolt on linkage that improves the rear active travel. The linkage is machined billet aluminum that is anodized and comes with sealed bearings. As an added bonus it also lowers the Hondaís high rear ride height. The linkage is very light and a step above the OEM design.

Our rear shock arrived set up for the linkage. If you already run a rear Elka and would like to add the linkage you can have your shock adjusted to work with the new leverage attained from the improved link. Thereís no need to spend the extra money for a new rear shock. When you figure that with the very reasonable price of the linkage thereís no reason not to add this piece to your 450r rear end.

For those running a Yamaha, donít feel left out. Elka also makes a rear linkage setup for your ATV.

Look for the above components to be installed on our 450r project ATV in an upcoming issue.

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