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The smooth lines of the new Quad Tech hood remind us of those on a vintage Corvette’s hood.

Breaker Bar April 2005
Quad Tech Yamaha YFZ450 Products

From the sunny land of Southern California come more great products from Quad Tech, the ATV industry’s first and finest producer of high end carbon fiber products. We met up with Bill Pointer, Quad Tech’s owner, at round 1 in Glen Helen last month. Billy was showing off some of his new parts in a booth behind the grand stands. We had received several of the new parts a few weeks prior but hadn’t had chance to use them yet. Billy’s display YFZ (the white one) was loaded down with carbon fiber which definitely put us in the mood to tear into those Quad Tech boxes when we returned home to Illinois.

The new Quad Tech Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop is a step above cool. The fit and finish is dead on and couldn’t be better if it were made by Yamaha. We especially like the billet grill inserts. Installation takes less than five minutes and requires only normal tools.

For more info visit Quad Tech's site www.quadtech-atv.com or call (949) 859.7823

Most racers trim their fenders first thing when building a new race bike. Unfortunately YFZs look like someone broke away the plastic with a ball-peen hammer because of the huge gap between the inner fender and the molded in radiator scoops after the excess fender is removed. Quad Tech came up with the coolest new product YFZ riders could ask for, the Carbon Fiber Air Duct System which serves as a filler panel that covers up those nasty holes.

Although it looks like some kind of high tech boomerang when you pull it out of the box, it instantly improves the look of any YFZ when bolted on.

Last but not least, Quad Tech has answered the chapped buttocks syndrome that many in the ATV industry have suffered since the YFZ’s introduction. As if making the highest quality seat cover offered by anyone wasn’t enough, they have also released a complete foam kit that attaches to your OEM seat pan and makes it seam like you have air ride. The kit only takes about 10 minutes longer to install than a normal seat cover or you can just send your seat or pan to Quad Tech and have it installed by a professional.

Quad Tech’s cool seat covers are available in the following color combinations: Black-Black-Black, Black-Silver-Candy Red, Black Yellow Black, Black Silver Blue, and Black Yellow Blue.

Quad Tech-ATV seat covers are used by Shane Hitt, Keith Little, Jason lupberg, Dana Creech, Tim Farr, Joe and Heather Byrd.

How about five more stars for Quad Tech?

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