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Whoís in first: Position Confusion

Welcome to the most confusing sport on the planet. Thatís right, nobody knows who finished in what position, especially the people in charge a.k.a. the ATVA. Thatís right, the ATVA canít tell you at the end of a race just who managed to make the podium. At the last two races (Texas & Florida), they have managed to screw up and call the wrong person to the podium to take the third place trophy, as if it is that difficult to tell Tim Farr from Jeremiah Jones. Tim is tall has brown hair and rides a Honda. Jeremiah is shorter with blonde hair and has fifteen Suzuki guys following him around. Duh. That wouldnít be such a big deal except for the fact that this is supposed to be a professional sport. Hey, at the next race, just for a gag, lets call three amateur riders up to the podium and tell all of the pros that they did so poorly that we have declared these amateurs the winners of this race. These guys donít seem to know exactly what is going on throughout the day. Races never seem to run in order, and they canít keep track of who wins. Probably the only reason that they have been able to keep first place position in order for these first three rounds is that at each race, the winner has managed to go 1 and 1 in the motos.

Now, letís move on to the next thing that doesnít really make any sense. At Texas, because of all of the rain and mud the ATVA didnít know what to do for the qualifiers. Some of the racers came to the line to find that there were only six of them trying to qualify for five positions. In this case they came up with the brilliant idea, in all of their infinite wisdom, of drawing straws for position instead of running the qualifier. That would be just the way that I would like to find out if I was going to be able to race on Sunday. If I pull the short straw then you mean I donít get to race on Sunday. I drove hundreds if not thousands of miles to make this race and you arenít going to let me get out on the track and prove that I am worthy to run in the main on Sunday. However, someone complained enough they got to go out on the track and run a total of one lap to qualify. Come on folks, this wasnít even really much of a race on Saturday. Every single time that the racers got on the track, someone got stuck. That really doesnít constitute as racing. That was just a bunch of people going out and playing in the mud. They should have stopped racing on Saturday long enough to actually completely groom the track to try and make the qualifiers interesting.

There was an amazing race going on Saturday though, some people were racing down the big hill at the track they call ďThe MountainĒ in inner tubes.

Last but not least is, make sure that you donít piss off the ref. Most of the time you can see him walking around the pits or going to get something to eat. This guy is not capable of covering the whole track by himself. They need to have more people out there as judges to help him out. Iíve got a great Idea, lets go to a ten acre racetrack and have one guy to watch the whole track to see when someone does something wrong. Make him the head judge if you must, but get the man some help. Besides that he will yell at the racers, and talk down to them if they question his judgment on something. Your only recourse at that point is to talk to the man in charge, who will tell you everything that you want to hear, but when it comes time to actually do something, he will take two steps back and side with the Omnipotent Ref. All in all, the ATVA is a bit disorganized, they canít keep track of the race, they canít keep things going smooth, and they canít make sure that everything is done properly. What can you do though? They have a monopoly on the sport of ATV racing, because they are the National Series.

Till next time,


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