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American History with Gary Denton
By: Ryan Webb

For those newcomers who donít know who Gary Denton is, prepare for a history lesson. Gary Denton is the owner of Denton Racing. He also is the Vice President of Sales for Weekend Warrior Trailers. Oh, and he is also one of the most respected ATV racers of all time. He was an eight time National Champion in ATV racing. No one has ever come close to accomplishing what Gary has done in the sport of ATV racing. Now that he no longer races, he is working hard to help the sport grow and develop into what it should be. Gary works hard to make some of the best parts that are out there and develop new technology for the ATV market. Many of the riders are running his parts, and many are sporting Weekend Warrior Trailers that he has helped them to get. Gary definitely makes his presence known in the sport of ATV racing, whether it is as a legendary racer or as an avid supporter. Weíve anticipated catching up with Gary Denton for over a year, now, here it is. Enjoy.

R450: Do you think that being a former racer and champion has helped you with setting up Denton Racing and designing parts?
Gary: As the owner of Denton Racing and VP of Sales for Weekend Warrior, people have asked me in the past, what kind of college education do you have? Basically, the answer to that is racing. What I mean by that is, the street smarts of traveling and learning how to negotiate a contract have been a huge help. You have to learn how to sell yourself and promote yourself. I think that college is good, donít get me wrong. However, there are things that you learn in day to day dealings that you would never learn in college. Racing has given me so much. Racing has put me where Iím at now.

R450: What would you say is probably the best selling product that you put out from Denton Racing?
Gary: There are actually a few products that sell very well. We have the Denton Racing steering stabilizer, our A-arms, and our swing arms sell very well.

R450: What years did you actually race in the sport?
Gary: I started racing in 1985 and raced up until 1997 or 1998, I donít know exactly when I quit.

R450: How do you like the progression of the sport? Do you think that it is going in the right direction?
Gary: I think that the factories being involved and the new machines is a huge plus. There are only so many 250Rís out there. This is going to just be an amazing growth. If the factories start giving out some contingency money then I think it will grow in the thousands of percent growth. I think that it is a great thing.

R450: What do you think needs to be done to make this sport into what it can be?
Gary: Both the Works and ITP series that are going out here on the West Coast are growing immensely. I think that the factories need to get involved out here on a series to series level. That would be a huge plus. The first step of that is contingency money. That in itself; would be a huge upswing of rider entries and buying of machines. Also, we are trying to get the factories in on a huge race and ATV expo in Nevada in October that will get all of the companies together and make a huge difference in the sport.

R450: Who do you actually sponsor as far as riders out there?
Gary: We have a lot of riders. We sponsor Joe Byrd, Kory Ellis, and Doug Gust from the Suzuki Team. We also have some of the best riders in all of the other classes, including the womenís class.

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