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Back on Track: Lake Whitney, Texas
By: Ryan Webb

This is the first time we have witnessed racing at Lake Whitney. Lake Whitney MX is just outside of Whitney, Texas, located on the WB Ranch. Don’t be surprised when you enter the ranch to see some Longhorn steers, some Deer, and even some Elk wandering the landscape. It is a nice long trek back to the racetrack, but the track is pretty nice. There was only one problem that stuck out in everyone’s mind all weekend, RAIN. That’s right kids, round two was another mud bog. However, unlike Glen Helen, where it was just wet sand, this was all out mud. All day Saturday there was a slow, steady drizzle that kept the track sloppy. Not to mention the fact that they had gotten rain all week before the race.

Qualifiers were a joke, because half of the riders would end up getting stuck before they finished the first lap. There was no way that you could have considered what was going on Saturday racing. It was just a bunch of people going out and playing in the mud. Amazingly, about ten o’clock on Saturday night the rain stopped. The track workers did an excellent job of trying to fix the track before the races on Sunday, but there is only so much that you can accomplish after that much rain. Most of the track other than the front section by the start stayed little more than a one-lane track. However, it was much improved and Sunday there was actually some racing going on. Anyway, lets take it from the top so that you can see just what the track was really like.

Starting off from the gate there was a straight that slowly bottlenecked down for a long sweeping 180 to the left. This part was nice and wide and had been cleaned off nicely before Sunday’s races. Coming out of the turn is a short straight with a tight right 180. Out of the turn is a tabletop that leads to a 45 left with three sets of doubles. Once clear of the rhythm section there is a hairpin left 180 that leads up slightly and then back down slightly to the right and then back left to an uphill tabletop. Even though the mud isn’t really deep like it was Saturday, it is still extremely slick.

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