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Breaker Bar – Laeger’s:
Racer 450 contact Laeger’s a few months back about providing components for some suspension testing we were about to do and for our 450r project bike. Unfortunately, before everything worked out the weather turned bad here and that was the end of the story for a few months. Well, spring is almost here and we have a new 450r chassis waiting to be built up. Here’s the scoop on the Laeger’s components you be seeing on the 450r project.

First on our parts cool list is a set of Pro-Trax long travel a-arms. These a-arms are extremely durable and built along the same lines as those previously used on the 250r pro quads of yesteryear. Although there aren’t records for this type of thing we would guess it’s safe to say these a-arms have probably been aboard more championship winning ATVs than any other a-arm out there. The Pro-Trax a-arms feature a fine TIG weld at every joint, gusseting at any possible week spot and thick powder coat. Their design allows the shock to pass through the interior of the a-arm and connect between to reinforced tubes below it. This design allows more ground clearance than most of the other brands out there and works so well it has been reproduced by multiple manufactures. Make no mistake, Laeger’s built the original.

Although we chose ball joints for their cost and ease of maintenance, Laeger’s also offers these a-arms in the famous t-pin design which is probably far superior to any other ball-joint type system offered by anyone. Our a-arms also came with heavy duty anodized tie rods. The complete system (arms, ball joints, bushings and tie rods) barely weighed more than stock and should prove to be a minimum of double the OEM’s strength.

The most innovative product we’ve seen this season has to be the new Laeger’s anti-vibe steering stem. It works by all the same principles as any normal anti-vibe but it uses a cast manufacturing process which saves weight and is a visual knock out. Although our bike isn’t setup for the track yet we have seen several in action, including the complete Laeger’s front end setup Tim Farr was running in the Pro Quad series. We’ve yet to see a problem.

Atop the stem rests the normal aluminum clamps along with a cool billet dog-bone that is available separately. The stem can be set up to accept standard 7/8 bars or 1 1/8 bars for the big guys. We have to admit that the staff at Laeger’s really struck a high note with this stem.

As good as Honda is a crafting cast aluminum swing arms sometimes their strength and length just aren’t meant for motocross. Fortunately, Laeger’s has answered these problems by producing a new racing swing arm which can be ordered in basically any length including the 1.25 inch oversize that seems to be the most popular. The Laeger’s swing arm is built tough and features a Banshee style chain guide for motocross or can be ordered with skid plate mounts for cross country.

Laeger’s components have appeared on almost all of the big name racer’s ATVs at some time in their career. They have won countless MX, TT and XC Nationals and show no sign of changing in the near future. We’re proud to say we will be using them on our new 450r, hope you enjoy them as well.

42180 Sarah Way
Temecula, CA 92590
Phone: (951) 693-9048
Fax: (951) 693-9058

Look for these components on our 450r project buildup in a coming edition.

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