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Rath Racing 450R MX Bumper & Grab Bar:

You may remember seeing a Rath Racing YFZ450 MX Bumper featured a few months back. Now we have the same bumper and additional MX Grab Bar for a TRX450R. In fact, they will soon be installed on our 450R project bike which we will be unveiling at the home race we will be promoting this July.

Like the YFZ bumper, this one fit. Only a socket and ratchet were required to install it, no pry bars or second set of hands. We like the black powder coat finish, it was flawless and it is also available in raw aluminum with your choice or number plate colors to fit the class you enter. As for durability, they seem to be plenty strong. Our YFZ bumper ended up on one of Cale Downen’s Pro-Am Production bikes and hasn’t had the first problem yet this year. Our favorite part of the bumper, other than the looks, are the beefy mounts and smooth welds.

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E-Mail: orders@rathstore.com

The grab bar is also cool; we can’t see installing the bumper without adding a matching grab bar. This grab bar is meant for racing unlike the majority on the market. Like the bumper it comes with a pre-installed number plate. The ultra thick plate mounts in place of a tail light, which you won’t need out on the track. Plus you won’t have to worry about loosing the number plate when zip straps break, Rath rivets them on. The number plates will actually have to be busted off before they dis-attach. If you are involved in an accident hard enough to break them off, number plates will be the least of your worries.

You’ll be seeing more pictures of this bumper installed next month in R450 but we’ll give you hint of how it looks now; BADASS. It definitely sets off the front of our 450R.

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