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Scott Ultimate High Voltage Goggles
By: Ryan Webb

Welcome to the revolution in goggle technology. Scott has brought you some of the best goggles to date with their HiVoltage series. They have raised the bar with the Ultimate HiVoltage goggles. These goggles were designed through standard research and development as well as help from Scott sponsored riders Chad Reed and Mike Lafferty. By using information given by these riders, they have managed to improve upon an already great product. The Ultimate HiVoltage is the top of the line goggle for Scottís lineup. You can pick up a pair of them for around $70. I know that is a lot of money for a pair of goggles, but you should consider the comfort that you will get from these goggles.

Not only are these goggles comfortable, but they are also great for protection. The goggles are made with M600 no sweat foam. Not only is this foam very comfortable and form fitting, but it also does what it claims by helping to prevent sweat. That is because of the great airflow that is allowed through the foam. Also, there is a great top-down Venturi ventilation system that allows for maximum airflow. Not only does this keep you cool on hot days, but it also, helps to prevent the goggles from fogging over. This is one of the best features of the goggles, because we all know how much of a problem fogging can be on a hot day. Amazingly enough, Scott was courteous enough to include a custom nose guard. This is also a great feature, because if you have ever been hit in the nose by dirt or rocks while riding, you know just how handy a nose guard can be. If that wasnít enough to get you interested in a set of Ultimate HiVoltage goggles, they also throw in a semi-rigid shell case for protection of your goggles and their lenses. Now you can keep your goggles scratch free and safe from being smashed by your gear.

Scott Online - www.scottusa.com

For the lens, Scott used a hard-coated chrome lexan lens to also help resist scratches and cracking. I know just how hard it is to ride on a bright day with a scratched lens, and trust me, you will like the hard coated lexan scratch resistance. The lens also filters 100 percent of UVA rays to help protect your precious sight. The woven strap with silicone lines is fully adjustable and completely slip resistant, so there wonít be any adjusting while riding. These goggles are some of the most form fitting and covering goggles that I have ever worn. There are only a couple of things that might hurt the appeal of these goggles. One of them is that they wonít fit into the shell case without removing the nose guard. That isnít so bad, except for the fact that it is a bit hard to get back on. However, after a couple of times doing it, you will be a pro at taking off and putting on the nose guard in no time. The only other problem that I had with the goggles is that they are a little rough on the edges of the frame. This isnít a problem while wearing them, but one time while putting them on, I did manage to scratch myself on my right eyebrow. This isnít a major thing though, since I didnít even notice it until someone else pointed the scratch out to me.

If you would like some more options before you buy, these goggles come in three colors. Yellow fade, purple fade, and blue fade are the options that you are allowed, and trust me the purple fade looks great on a yellow and black helmet. All in all, these are some great goggles that will not only make you look good, but also keep your sight safe while riding. These goggles are definitely worth a look if you are going to buy a new set.

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