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ATV Issues:
ESPNís Great Outdoor Games will showcase two ATV racing events this year, one being named Four Wheel Frenzy were 24 racers will be invited to participate in a motocross of sorts with several types of obstacles. The second named, Terracross, will have riders participating on utility ATVs negotiating several obstacles were they will be penalized points by losing control or by hitting obstacles. The question is; how does this affect the sport?

On a positive note, this will most likely be the largest televised event ever in the ATV industry. It proves that ATVs have once again entered the public eye in a positive spotlight and may pave the way for other high publicity coverage in our sport. If the coverage is a success it may lead to race event coverage from organizations such as ESPN or Speed Channel, as well as bring in outside recognition and money.

On the flip side, ATVs have been portrayed foolishly by the media in the past giving many a false representation of the sport. Involving ATVs in a game style atmosphere, no pun to video games intended, doesnít necessarily help the legitimacy so many racers and promoters have worked for. Itís up to the people supporting this sport to decide how they wish to be portrayed. In many ways, even the positive support the sport has received from outside sources has not been well received.

There are other ways to bring this sport to the for-front in a positive manner. Signing petitions and forcing your way to be noticed is not the answer. Sending emails and letters to publications, organizers and broadcast networks asking for coverage is a great place to start. OLNís coverage of the GNCC series is by far the most professional coverage our sport has seen. Let them know how theyíre doing and send word to the companies that make it happen. Another great series growing our sport is the Pro Quad races. No other series has ever placed ATV racing in front of so many faces.

Many of the ATV organizations ask for money, take into consideration what they give back. Choose an organization that benefits your interest, even if it is only a local group. Many often wonder were their donation or membership fees go. Unfortunately we donít have that answer. Offer your assistance, many organizations are only interested in money but say they canít afford staff. Organizations unwilling to accept honest help generally donít deserve whatís in your wallet.

Itís up to you to decide who you support. Choose well.

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