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Ned Speaks Out
By: Ned

Welcome to the weird world of ATV racing. Letís take a look at some of the stupid things that have been done this year so far. The first thing that stands out in my mind is the re-naming of the TT series. Granted it was probably time for a new name, but who in the heck came up with the new name. Hello, Extreme Dirt Track Racing, come on. First off, letís look at the whole Extreme thing. This is being way overused. I know, lets start calling everything Extreme so that we can sucker some of these kids who have heard over the last few years that if it is Extreme then it has to be great. Are your TV cooking showís ratings falling, then letís change the name to Extreme Cuisine, that will get some of these mindless kids that just follow what you tell them to start watching it. Letís take a look at just how Extreme, TT really is. First off, there are no big jumps. Those are saved for the motocross guys. Also, there are no tight corners with obstacles all around. The Cross Country guys have that covered. So I guess, going fast and turning is now considered Extreme. However, donít think that I am bashing TT racing, because there is a lot of skill and talent that goes into racing on a TT track, trust me I know first hand.

The name altogether just seems, I donít know, Lame. I know, letís start changing the names of the other series that the ATVA run. Letís start calling Motocross the Jolly Jumpers Dirt Track, that would be perfectly Stupid. I mean come on, they jump over jumps, and when they win they are happy. Also, they run on a dirt track, so that would be a great Lame-name for Motocross. Also, we canít leave out the Cross Country Series. Letís change the name of it to Mud Path Off Road Racing. Here is the precise Lame level to change this circuit to. I mean heck most of the time they are in the mud on a path, off road. That would be Crap-tacular name.

If they wanted to change the name of the TT series, I think that they should have spent more than, Oh I donít know, thirty seconds on coming up with a new name. Thatís just me though and if you donít like it TOUGH! See me next time, Ned.

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