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Paul Turner: Mr. Personality
By: Ryan Webb

Some of you might have heard of the name Paul Turner, and some of you might actually know who this Paul Turner is. However, most of you are going to expect this guy to be the one who builds Paul Turner pipes. Just to let you know, there is another Paul Turner is the sport of ATV racing and he happens to be Doug Gustís personal mechanic. That is how we came to know Paul. You canít miss Paul if you go by the Suzuki trailer, because when he isnít working on Dougís Z400, he is livening up the pits by cracking jokes and having fun. Paul is one of the most fun guys that you will run across on the ATVA circuit. He likes to have fun and play jokes. He also does a few strange voices from time to time. However, donít be fooled by his regular jokes and fooling around, he is also one of the best mechanics working in the pits. Not only does he keep Dougís quad in top shape, but he also keeps everyone else at the Suzuki trailer on task and enjoying their work. Paul is a unique guy that loves what he does. R450 had a chance to meet Paul in Texas, and this is what he had to say.

R450: How did you get started in ATV racing?
Paul: I got into atv racing about seven years ago when a friend of mine, Doug Benson, introduced me to Travis Spader. We started talking and he asked me if I could work on his bikes. I said, ďYeah sure, Iíll give it a shot.Ē And there I was. Ever since then I started working on quads.

R450: How did you get hooked up with Suzuki?
Paul: I actually retired with Travis in 2001. I went to the race in Florida last year, and Wayne Hinson came up to me and asked if I wanted a job. I told him sure and they called me this year and brought me on.

R450: Did you actually know Doug and Wayne before that?
Paul: I knew Doug. I knew Wayne for a very long time. I was a mechanic in the bike industry for about seven years before I moved into the quads. Iíve known Wayne for probably sixteen or seventeen years.

R450: Have you ever worked with anybody else in the quads other than Travis and Doug?
Paul: I never really worked with anybody else, but I have helped some other guys out. I helped out Pat Brown, and a couple of guys back home.

R450: Where are you from?
Paul: I am from New Jersey. With a country accent, A little hick town in New Jersey.

R450: How did you get started working on quads?
Paul: I started with quads just playing around with Travis. I fell in love with the sport and the people. It is very family oriented around here. In bikes it is all competition and nobody likes anybody. There were fights all of the time. Iím not that kind of guy. Iím a pretty happy guy and I like to have as much fun as I can. Thatís pretty much why Iím here.

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