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2005 Honda 450R Long Term Report

Like all great things, over time the light tends to dim a bit. In our test with the 05í 450R, our light has stayed surprisingly bright. Due to our lack of problems and great characteristics of the machine weíre still happy to throw a leg over and go for a spin. We have followed the manufactureís maintenance schedule and no unscheduled maintenance procedures or unexpected problems have occurred. The costs, other than fuel, have been low.

What to look for from a 2005 450R:

Valve adjustment, we know you hate to hear those words but itís a part of life right now. Have your valves adjusted by the book the first time and then play it by ear. They wonít need adjustment as much after the first time.

Top end lubrication, we hear stories of 450Rs with the top end completely burned up. Donít turn down your idle, donít let it set and idle, donít ride with mud caked on your engine or radiator and keep your oil changed. If you follow those rules you wonít have a problem.

Rear axle vibration, keep it off the road and donít worry about it.

Fading Plastic, plastic fades thatís the way of life. 450R plastic holds up pretty well, keep it clean, polish it with something like Armor-All and donít let it set in the sun if you donít have to.

Tire wear, these things spin a lot. What else do we need to say?

Subframe, we really donít see many subframe failures, only in racing. Honestly, most of those come from really harsh landings like overshooting or casing huge jumps that are probably going to damage other components as well. We are very impressed with the subframeís durability at this point. It actually seems to hold up better than the steel subframe on the 400ex.

The above mentioned problems aside, we see no reason to worry about the purchase of a Honda 450R. Sometimes it feels slow when riding next to a YFZ but with this yearís new carburetor and air box setup, the speed gap should be closing up.

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