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Quad Tech 450R Carbon Fiber Products:

We’re lucky enough to have a good relationship with Quad Tech here at R450, the maker of the finest carbon fiber products in the ATV industry. We get to install the newest stuff from Quad Tech on all of our project and show ATVs and make them stand out from the crowd. What many people don’t know is how many racers also get help from Quad Tech. Almost all of the riders we regularly interview are sponsored by Quad Tech. Coincidence, not really; Quad Tech just sponsors that many riders. By our calculations, Quad Tech has more products out there through sponsorship than any other company at the nationals. Aside from all the amateurs that get help you can see Quad Tech products on ATVs from Tim Farr, Team Suzuki’s Doug Gust and Jeremiah Jones, Lonestar’s Keith Little and Jason Luburgh, Cale Downen and many more. That being said, now on to the review…

First up is Quad Tech’s Scoop Hood. Made of top grade carbon fiber and featuring a billet insert it not only looks good from a distance but really stands out up close. We’ve seen replicas of this hood several times at the nationals. Some look good, some look extremely bad. When any of the them set next to an actual Quad Tech brand hood, it quickly becomes obvious which one is the best.

Like the hood, also top of the line and at the top of the innovations list are Quad Tech’s carbon fiber shock guards. Very sturdy and featuring billet mounting rings these guards are built to last and guard your shock’s expensive shafts against rock chips on the track or trail. Better yet, install time is around 1 minute and the only tool you need is allen-wrench if your shocks are not installed on an ATV. Otherwise you may need to remove your shocks depending on how tight your preload is, still an easy task. Ours are shown on Elka shocks, they will also fit PEP or any other shock with the same type of bottom spring retainer.

Not to be outdone by their trademark carbon fiber, Quad Tech’s seat covers are also at the top of the industry. We can only touch on the amount of detail that goes into these covers. They are available in several color options to match the scheme you have going on your ATV and offer it a truly unique look. Although we only installed the cover, a complete foam kit is offered that makes for an extremely plush ride. We did install Quad Tech foam on our YFZ450 in an earlier article.

To sum this up, we like Quad Tech products. We think they are the best out there. Not only is the carbon fiber Grade A, the clear finish is deep and flawless. The seat covers are on a different level and the innovative products like shock guards and skid-plates will be the next big thing. As long as Quad Tech keeps making parts, we’ll keep using them.

Visit Quad Tech's website:

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