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White Brothers MX4 Silencer for Honda 450R
Our project 450R was in need of a high performance silencer. It was unclear at this point what we would be doing to the engine and we needed it to stay reliable for testing of other parts. We decided to go with a slip-on for now and just add a hi-flow filter and jet appropriately for the time being. Now all we had to do was choose the right brand for us.

It’s not always easy because of the number of products out there. We’ve noticed Tim Farr’s luck with White Brothers throughout the year so that put an idea in our head. Upon checking a little further we found out that Team Honda’s dirt bike team also used White Brothers systems. A decision was made; it would be a White Brothers for us.

The newest pipe available was their MX4; it has cool oval-square shape and looked high quality. We haven’t noticed anyone testing with it so we picked one up from our supplier.

When the silencer showed up we installed it immediately. The unit came equipped with a main jet and jetting instructions. We had already installed a high-flow filter so we removed the air box lid, bolted up the new pipe, installed the main jet and went out for a ride. The install took less than ten minutes and the new sound was deep and much quieter than other systems we’ve seen. The performance was slightly better than stock all around.

We also appreciated the addition of a wash cap, it’s the little things that count.

We took it back for a few adjustments. We cranked the idle up slightly and added a bit more fuel through the carburetor adjustments and bam, everything came together. Throttle response was very touchy and greatly improved. Overall performance was increased everywhere in the power band and there was no noticeable hesitation anywhere. The MX4 offered a big gain for a small amount of money and less than half an hour of install and tuning.

Although we chose to remove the air box lid for maximum gains, if you choose not to do so the MX4 will still deliver performance gains and wont require a re-jet although playing with the carburetor adjustments will still up the power. 450Rs are chocked down severely at the factory to meet environmental requirements, and some carb tuning wont hurt a bit.

Or thoughts:
Great carb, low price compared to other name brands, great quality and the sound doesn’t pierce your ears. White Brothers also offers a head pipe separately if you need a pipe for an engine with higher than factory compression. The MX4 is all aces in our book. Be sure and check one out before buying your next silencer.

Test silencer provided by MX Midwest.

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