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Nate Walsh
By: R450 Staff

In case you arenít familiar with Nate, he is a die hard ATV man and the younger brother of Mike Walsh. He helps his brother Mike run Walsh Race Craft. They are currently moving themselves and the shop down to Live Oak, Florida. Nate is an old school racer by todayís standards, he ran a Cannondale in the 2002 season and a Walsh CRF in 2003. Last year, he rode Four Stroke A. This year, when he is able start running again after they get done with the move, he will run the TRX450 in the Production A and Four Stroke A class. He hasnít been able to race much this year, because he has been stuck between Connecticut and Florida with the move. However, we did manage to catch up with Nate at Macon.

R450: How do you like the TRX450?
Nate: I donít really like it that much, because I am coming off of the Walsh CRF, which was an awesome bike. I won a lot of the Pro Class stuff in the NEATV series on it up in New England. I am just not very comfortable on the TRX yet.

R450: How do you like the NEATV series compared to the Nationals?
Nate: It isnít as good, because there are only a few really fast guys. It is very competitive, but if you are at the top, there are only a couple of guys that are really fast.

R450: How is the move going?
Nate: Within a month, we should be in Florida. Hopefully, weíll have everything up and running then. Mike and I have been working down there for the last three months, trying to get everything set up. We will have just a little over 12,000 square feet of building space down there. Our building is set on five acres, with three acres of flat land out in back of the building. There is 3,000 square feet of shop area, with about 4,000 square feet of offices. There is also a pole barn out back. It is pretty much ideal for what we are doing.

R450: Are you planning to put in a practice track behind the building?
Nate: Yeah, there is between two and a half to three acres that is flat back there that we are going to put a track on. We are going to have to bring in the dirt most likely, but it will be perfect for a really nice supercross style track. Also, there is a good chance that my parents are going to buy a house with a bunch of acres, and if so, then we will put up a track there too.

R450: How does it feel to see your parts on so many of the top riderís ATVs?
Nate: It is great. I just wish that we could win another race. Natalie just keeps putting a damper on that.

R450: What is the best part of those guys running your parts?
Nate: It is great to see Tim Farr running our parts. He was always a Laegerís man before, and it is great to see him switch over and start running our parts. Doug and Jeremiah are just great too. It is wonderful to see Suzuki running Walsh parts. <

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