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Breaker Bar: Denton Racing Steering Stem and Damper
By: Racer450 Staff

R450 recently gave the guys atDenton Racing a call to see if they would like us to test out their newest steering stem and damper on our GYTR test bike. After some phone calls and conversations about what we were going to do, the guys at Denton were happy to send us the parts to try out so we could pass the knowledge on to you.

We will start off with the Steering Stem. This stem is a +1 over stock length with anti-vibe clamps for a set of fat bars. The look of the stem was very impressive with a much heavier feel than that of the stock stem. The polished finish was very smooth with no visible imperfections. Something else that is very impressive is the quality and look of the welds that hold the clamps on. The weight and density of the stem prove that it will take some serious impact to bend the Denton stem over what little effort it takes to bend a stock stem.

Installation of the stem was fairly simple. The front plastic and the gas tank had to be removed, and then set the atv on the grab bar to get to the bottom side of the stem to remove the nut that holds on the plate that connects to the tie-rods. Before you remove the nut, you have to take out the keeper pin that makes sure that the nut wonít back out. Also, there were two bolts at the top that hold the stem in place. Once these were removed, it was just a matter of sliding the stock stem out.

Now, you just have to slide in the Denton stem. Once the stem is slid into place and through the bearing at the bottom, you have to slide the plate back over the splines in the proper position to make sure that the front wheels are straight. You then take the nut that came with the new stem and screw it on and place the keeper pin to make sure that it canít back off. Now, it is just a matter of replacing the clamp and two bolts at the top, and then replacing the gas tank and plastic. However, a little word of advice, make sure that you have the V on the clamp toward the front of the atv, otherwise, you have put it on backwards. That mistake of not double checking the position was made here at Racer450, which meant that the nut and plate had to be removed, and the stem turned all the way around. Once we put the parts back on, everything went smooth.

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