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The stem is not only a great looking addition to our bike, but it is functional too. Not only do you get the improved resistance to bending, but the anti-vibe clamp helps out with some of the unwanted vibration that comes through the bars. This will help to reduce hand and arm fatigue in racing or high performance riding. Overall, we were very impressed with the stem. At a retail price of $329.95, your wallet might take a little bit of a hit but it will out last several OE steering stems.

Now, letís take a look at the Denton Racing Steering Damper. The steering damper, also know as a steering stabilizer, is a great addition to the high performance machines that are out there. If you own a new 450, and you have made the modification that everyone who likes to ride motocross has made, of putting on 18Ē rear tires and 20Ē fronts, you might be very interested in a damper. The steering damper mounts to your frame and clamps around your steering stem to reduce the amount of wheel shake that you feel on the bars as you travel across rough terrain. Also, the tension on the damper is adjustable so that you can get the perfect gain in control and loss of wheel shake. When it comes to installation, it really seems like it is only going to take about a minute to put a damper on, but you need to leave you plastic on the atv so that you can make sure that you have plenty of clearance for the movement of the shaft. Also, it does take a little bit of working to get the damper in the right position to allow free movement without binding. One of the biggest problems that we ran into, while mounting, was maintaining free movement without hitting our carbon fiber hood. We ended up having about an eighth of an inch of clearance when it was all said and done.

Mounting was not difficult and didnít take all that long, but you had better set aside a few more minutes than you think you will need when you open the package. All in all, the difference felt after putting on the damper was amazing. The wheel shake that was felt in the bars was significantly reduced. Not only is this going to give you much better control in rough terrain, but you will also have the benefit of not wearing your arms and hands out fighting the bars. This is probably one of the best investments that you can make if you ride hard in a lot of rough terrain. Denton actually makes two different dampers. They are basically the same other than the fact that one is rebuildable, and one isnít. If you race a lot you would probably be better off with the rebuildable damper due to the wear that it will take with regular racing. However, if you just ride for the fun of it, the standard damper will probably suffice. At the cost of $159.95 retail for the rebuildable and $139.95 for the standard, you canít go wrong by putting a damper on your high performance machine.

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