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Joe Byrdís Quad Riding School
By: Ryan Webb

Ladies and Gentlemen, I was given the distinct privilege of attending Joeís school last October 1st, and let me tell you, it was definitely an eye opening experience. I myself am not now and do not claim to be a motocross racer. That being said, I do like to ride motocross tracks for the enjoyment of it. However, if I had ever aspired to be a motocross racer, this school definitely put in perspective, what would be required of me.

Joeís school is a two day event in motocross technique. You learn everything from riding stance to training. Joe knows what it takes to mould you into the best racer that you can be. I however, found out that the best racer I could be was an okay rider. After a spill while working on braking, I came back and did wheelies and two wheels. I also managed to somewhat finish the training course at the end of the day. I myself didnít make it to day two, because when I wrecked, I also dislocated my right shoulder. That was not the most pleasant thing. However, all in all, I wish that I could have finished the course, to prove to myself that I could be better.

Joe will start out the day with a look into setting up a quad for motocross. There are many things that you should keep in mind when setting up your bike, and Joe will make sure that you know what all of them are. Also, you will get an introduction into how to deal with training, especially arm pump. Then you learn how to stretch, and loosen yourself up for the riding ahead. Also, one thing that is greatly stressed throughout the program is safety. Joe will teach you some tricks of the trade on how to make yourself safer, and he will also insist that you wear a helmet and goggles any time that you are riding your quad.

After you learn how to get both you and your quad ready to race/ride, you will slowly begin to work on how to ride. After a few laps around the track at a slow pace, you will be allowed to run the track a little faster. You will then be timed for one lap around the track so that you can see at the end of day two how much you have improved. I myself did not do so well on that first lap. Joe will then take the group and go through many of the things that you must do in order to be a good racer. Then he will work with you so that with practice and training you might someday become a great racer. He will show you riding positions, turning, braking, whoops, jumps, and many other things that you will encounter throughout your racing career. I wonít tell you the tips that he gives you, because that just wouldnít be right, but I will tell you that this is a very comprehensive course that will improve your personal ability. I myself have actually seen some improvement in my own riding since going through only the first day, so I can only imagine what two days would bring.

If you want to graduate from the course, you must complete both days and manage to improve well enough to beat Joe, who isnít running full out, on the final day. Once you do that, you will get a certificate of completion, some other cool things, and the satisfaction that you have managed to improve your own personal abilities. Donít think that this course is free however. There is a fee to attend, and you must have a place to stay, food to eat, and the endurance to stick with it. However, the rewards are just as great, if you truly want to become a better motocross racer. Make sure you bring the required gear, plenty of Gatorade, and the willingness to learn from one of the best. Personally, I think that if you arenít happy with what you learn at the school, I will be extremely surprised. If I have to rate it, I would give it a 9 out of 10, for learning the art of motocross.

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